Jason Cameron passed away September 14, 2017 at the age of 46. He is survived by his wife Dawn and 3 children. 

Will you help fulfill this dying man’s wish? 

I’ve never met Jason Cameron in person.  Jason is an Elite Training Member and wanted to become an SDC instructor until a few years ago he was when he was diagnosed with cancer. 

Then about a year ago he contacted me again, with the cancer in remission, he wanted to pursue his instructor certification. That only lasted about a month until, once again,the cancer reared it’s ugly head and has now metastasized into his lungs, liver and throughout his body. 

Jason swore he would fight cancer as long as he could and even started to blog about his battle HERE.

Until this point, I still wasn’t sure Jason even had cancer. That’s when I asked to have his doctor contact me. 


You can read that letter HERE.

While Jason might lost his fight with cancer, he will not lose the fight we all face to make the world a better place for his family.

Because of his condition, Jason couldn’t work and his wife, Dawn, had to take care of the family and Jason.

Normally, this is something Jason would do himself, but he couldn’t — BUT WE CAN. 

That being said, IT’S NOT A LOT OF MONEY (he’s already raised almost 4K of the 20K needed to fix his home). 

He started a GOFUND ME page HERE

If you could spare a dollar or two for Jason and his family, it will be much appreciated. 

He’s obviously not looking to get rich, just fix up his house.

Below is what your donation will be funding…

– Remove stucco and old wooden siding  $2500.00
– Install insulation around exterior – $4912.00
– Install new siding – $3720.00
– Replace gutters, soffit and fascia – $2955.00
–  Plus 5% Sales tax  ($645.35) leaves a grand total of $14,791.35 needed.
– GoFundMe Platform & processing fee is 7.9% plus .30 per donation – which is about$1,185 plus $4500

When you have a moment – go here: https://www.gofundme.com/a-dying-request

Live honestly, 


PS. I just donated a couple of hundred dollars to Jason and his family – your $1 will help.

Thank you again and stay safe.

That link again to Jason’s GoFundMe >> https://www.gofundme.com/a-dying-request

  1. Steven C Randleas 9 months ago

    You are all in our prayers

  2. Ed Kizun 9 months ago
    Member Since: 02/23/16

    I don’t know how your SDC instructor certification process works, but may I inquire as to whether it’s reasonable to award Jason an SDC instructor certificate before he dies, or an honorary certification?

    Just a thought.

    -Ed Kizun

  3. Eric 9 months ago
    Member Since: 06/25/15

    I did it, Damian. I hope we can help him out as much as possible. What’s he doing is quite admirable.

    • Author
      theselfdefenseco 9 months ago
      Member Since: 01/24/18

      Thanks Eric, that’s great.

      You know, he’s just a “regular guy” trying to go down with a fight. 46…damn.

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