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10 Minute Self Defense

10 Minute Self Defense

10 Minute Self Defense

Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

10 Minutes is all it takes to go from Candy Ass to Bad Ass

If you’re living on this planet earth, you’re in the game. Your chance of being attacked NEVER changes and only gets more probable the older you get. If you think you’re too busy, too old, or too broke for self defense…that’s all going to change right now.

Self defense training shouldn’t be a luxury of the young and wealthy. Everyone needs this skill and now you’re going to get it.
Piano Technique – “If done right, no can defend.”

Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones is a life skill that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. The problem is your idea of “training” involves a lot of time and sacrifice and it’s a pain in the ass in the long term.

Training in a martial art or with an instructor is a short term solution. Sooner or later you’ll get injured, move, change your job, lose your job, get married, have kids or get bored (Don’t worry, your instructor does too) it happens to all of us.

Let’s face it, by the time you arrange your schedule, get to the gym, change your clothes, talk to the classmates you like (avoid the ones you don’t), take class and get home, that one hour class actually will take two or more hours!

How long will you be able to set aside a couple of hours out of your day to make class?

According to the National Association of Martial Arts Professionals (NAPMA) the average adult goes to a martial arts class about 2 to 3 times a week for 3 months.

That’s it. So NAPMA spends a lot of time thinking of clever ways to keep you training longer. Me on the other hand thought of ways I could train you faster.

So instead I developed a way to train you faster in that 3 month time frame. I look at this this way, as an adult your number one concern is self defense. So if you’re going to spend 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 weeks – you’re going to walk away with some REAL SKILL and knowledge.

And it worked really well, but there was a problem.

3 months is enough time to build an awesome self defense skill set, butover time your skills get rusty so you need some form of regular practice to keep your self defense skills from deteriorating.  I solved that problem by creating the Insider Training Platform, but it had to meet some pretty tough criteria if it was going to work.

I will tell you right now – going “back to class” is not the answer.

Going to class is an impractical, long term solution for most people; it takes up way too much time and expense and it can’t “go with you” so to speak, you have to go to it and that doesn’t fly.

In order to accomplish this your self defense training needs to be:

  • Simple and easy to learn – something you can do alone or with friends
  • Convenient to fit your every day life – accessible through modern, mobile technology
  • Non-intrusive – short practice sessions that can accessed from anywhere
  • Adaptable to your ever changing physical ability – Our health changes from day to day, the way you protect yourself does too.
  • Affordable – You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything other than pennies a day.

Finally and most important the self defense has to WORK. If it doesn’t work, don’t bother.

Simple is as simple does.

Self defense is SIMPLE, it has to be. There’s no such thing as complicated or advanced self defense. Advance self defense is  a unicorn – it doesn’t exist in reality.The only “moves” that work in self defense are simple and to be honest, completely devoid of any athleticism.  They’re not pretty and that’s a good thing because the stress of fighting for your life is nothing like you experience in the ring. The adrenaline shot will shut down a lot of things you take for granted, like small motor skills, your ability to reason and peripheral vision.

Fortunately these simple, core power body movements are really easy to learn and recall.

1o minutes is all it takes right in the comfort of your own home at your own pace and in your own time. 

Don’t look at your training like you’re getting ready for a title fight, think of your training like learning the piano.

My son is learning to play the piano. If you’re like me, the thought of making to practice for 30 minutes a day and fighting over it every time is, well…let’s call it “unappealing”.

When I was a kid my parents did the old “We’re paying for lessons, you’re going to practice.” It’s no surprise that my time with the piano lasted about a month, I hated it.

So I did with my son exactly what I do with the SDTS Combatives Program on Insider Training.


I let him practice whenever he wants to for as long as he wants. The secret is, I just make it convenient.


We keep a piano in the parlor,  he passes it about 20 times a day. Every so often he sits down and bangs out a tune. He’ll sit for 2 or 10 minutes at a time and he stops when feels like it.

How much does he practice a day? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is in a few months he’s gone from  “Hot Cross Buns” to “The Charlie Brown Theme”.

Results is all I care about, don’t tell me about the labor, just show me the baby!

Oh and I should mention that I have never told him to practice once.

I’d like to take credit for this amazing idea, but I can’t. This short term increment training is something educators have known for years and it’s how we set up the SDTS Combatives Program on Insider. According to the University of Southern Florida College of Education it’s actually better to learn in small 10-15 minute increments than hour or more long sessions. It seems our attention span for comprehension and learning only happens in those increments the rest is physical conditioning and muscle memory.

You’re SDTS Combative Insider Training will take advantage of this proven learning principle.

All you need to do is:

  • Log onto Insider (https://insider.theselfdefenseco.com)
  • Set up your training in convenient spot in your home area like we show you in Module 1.
  • Pick a few training drills and do them for a few minutes whenever you feel like it.
  • When you get bored or feel that you’re comfortable with them, go to the next few.
  • If you have a question log on to Insider and ask in the forum.

Now there will be days you’ll want to go for a long periods of time (especially in the beginning) and you’ll probably be able to do this for a few months and that’s great but like I said, it’s going to stop so you’re long term plan looks something like this:

SDTS Combative Training For Life

  • 5 to 10 minute work outs every day or two
  • An occasional long term session or train with a certified SDTS Instructor in person or at a seminar
  • Go on Insider and read blog posts
  • Go in the SDC Library and read the material
  • Go on the Insider  SDC Nation Forum to keep up on current events

Even if you don’t physically train, just thinking about self defense issues and topics will increase your awareness.

Like I said, you’re not training for the Olympics, you’re training for your life. Low and slow…like Barbeque!

Train for your worst nightmare on your worst day.

SDTS Combatives isn’t only empty hand techniques, this would be a huge misconception. Your training will include every type of modern edged and impact weapon and how to carry, conceal and use those weapons. Everything from pepper spray to black jacks is covered. Because when you are older, smaller or weaker you need an edge to take down that 800 pound gorilla.

Remember, survive by whatever means fair or foul.

I don’t care about the bad guy, I care about you getting home to your family and friends. I care about your ability to do your job and provide for your loved ones.

I want to give you an option other than to hope no one attacks you or just give them what they want. Because they might not stop at your wallet.

The World’s Most Effective Self Defense for only 65 cents a day.

You shouldn’t be too busy or too broke to save the lives of the people who matter most. There’s no reason not to take 5 minutes and a few dollars to make sure you have a plan for when the wolves come to your door.

I think its a tragedy that money will get in the way of your survival. That’s why I made SDTS Combatives affordable and accessible. If you can read this, I can train you. There’s no reason you can’t do this.

Self defense is a life skill and should be treated as such. Like auto maintenance, balancing your checkbook or going to the grocery store. You have time to feed yourself every day, yet you don’t have time to protect your self?

Self preservation is a primary instinct, like food and shelter. Every person should know how to defend themselves and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life to do it.

Training with a qualified instructor or going to a seminar is great, but it’s not permanent. Real skill comes over time and you need to incorporate it into your own life in a non-intrusive manner, that’s why I created The Insider Training Program.

65 cents and 10 minutes is all it takes…


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Great concept Damian, your clients will benefit from the training regime you have outlined. Most people think they know how to fight. The key when attacked is to react, nail your assailant quickly, immobilize himand run away.

    1. Exactly – to be honest, it’s the only thing that works. Obviously if you want to do more damage you need to train harder, but for most people to escape a serious threat, a little “fight back” is all they need. Most people think they need to get into a 12 round fight to survive.

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