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Tueller Drill and the 21 foot Rule

The Tueller Drill and the 21 Foot Rule The 21 foot rule is the notion that you need 21 feet between you and a knife wielding attacker to effectively draw and…

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Self Defense for Realtors

8 Self Defense Rules for Realtors “Butler County Ohio –  A 29-year-old sales agent was reportedly attacked by two masked men in a model home. According to police, the two men…

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Med Student Saves Girl

Medical Student Peter Gold Saves Girl and Makes Full Recovery WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT OF MAN BEING SHOT SEEN BELOW Peter Gold, 25, shot in stomach early November 20, when he…

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Kimura Judo Bad Ass

Bruce Lee was cool…but Kimura was the MAN.  Time to put your nunchaku down, take the track suit off and meet a REAL bad ass.  Once upon a time when Brazilian…

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