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Family Safe Home Invasion Drill

Home invasions can happen anywhere and they’re not to be confused with burglaries. A burglar is typically UNARMED and prefers to rob your home when you’re away. Home invaders are…

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Operation Phoenix: Head Target Areas

In this clip from Operation Phoenix, close combat legend, Carl Cestari, details the vital target areas in the head group and the effects you can cause by attacking them. In…

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Operation Phoenix: Chair Neck Break

In this clip from Operation Phoenix, Combatives Legend Carl Cestari demonstrates the chair neck break used by O.S.S. operatives in WWII. In Operation Phoenix, Carl breaks down the details behind…

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Bear Hug Defense

  This lesson is from our 60 Minute Self Defense Course… This time I’m going¬† to show exactly what to do if some guy bear hugs you and tries to…

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Bad Self Defense Advice

In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast, Damian and George look at some more “bad self defense advice”…yes, the wrist grab is BACK!!    

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