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5 Tactical Tips just in time for the Holidays

5 Tactical Tips just in time for the Holidays

Damian Ross on the LISA SHOW reveals 5 tactical tips for the holidays.

During the holiday season there is a typical rise in crime. More people are out with intent to spend money which means they have both means (methods of payment) and value (gifts). This also means you will be more distracted and doing something that is not in your ordinary routine – shopping at the mall, going out, drinking and generally NOT thinking about criminal behavior.

Today we’re going to focus on what you can do right now to significantly decrease your chances of being targeted during this holiday season…and you’re not going to have to join a class or go anywhere to do it. I’m going to give you some tactical training…right now.

The Basics

All self defense starts with two things – Awareness and Personal Space. 

In order for someone to impose their will on you they need to get close to you. And they can get close to you only two ways…you approach them and they approach you. They don’t drop from the ceiling or appear in a puff of smoke.

Important – There are THREE THINGS every criminal fears

  1. Being Caught
  2. Being Identified
  3. Being Injured

Before every crime the assailant does a Risk – Benefit Analysis.

Do you have something they want versus the risk of the three things.

In order to make this analysis they will need to size you up, which means observing you. Watching to see if you’re alone or would pose possibility of resistance. Either way, criminals do not randomly choose their targets. It is a calculated risk and if you’re paying attention you can spot them sizing you up. 

Finally – you will most likely be approached during places of transition or where you can be isolated. Parking lots, rest rooms, hallways, stair wells, hotel rooms, class rooms, vehicles…you get the point. Any place you are isolated from the public and there is a low risk of public intervention.

So here are some simple rules and drills to do to decrease your chances of being targeted.

  1. Get Ready to Rock when moving from one place to another, have all of your bags secure on your shoulder and both hands filled (one with your keys and the other with pepper spray). If you have keyless entry on your car great – and if you think pepper spray is “wimpy” I carry pepper spray wherever I go. This also creates an offensive mindset that will deter potential attackers.
  2. Know Where to Go – Seems simple, but even me, the self defense “expert” needs to be reminded of where I parked (just ask my wife). With GPS and parking lot designations, you should know EXACTLY where you’re going before you move through an area of transition.
  3. Count Hats – This is a drill that will keep your eyes up and looking at your surroundings. It also forces you to have brief eye contact with the people around you. Remember, this is a predator and prey situation. YOU ARE A PREDATOR. Predators have their head up, chest out and are looking around. Prey avoid eye contact, keep their heads down and avoid interaction.
  4. Play Hide and Go Seek – When you’re walking, look for areas of possible ambush. Keep a wide birth from door ways and alleys, parked cars, corners and other places of ambush.
  5. Get off the X – If anyone approaches you, just keep moving. They are choosing the time and the place for a reason…they are choosing the X. So when that happens and you’re approached. GET OFF THE X! and keep moving. Just say “NO THANK YOU” or I’LL CALL THE POLICE TO HELP YOU and get off the X.


At the end of the day – trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right…it’s not. Criminals are more cunning than you think. They’re not always going to come out and yell “stick em up”. In fact, most times they’re going to appear in need or injured. Either way your best bet is to KEEP MOVING and get off the X…even if they have a weapon.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season and as always…Train Honestly.


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. As a full-time security operator, these are tactics those in our profession practice out of habit. This article breaks down the fundamentals in a succinct manner that we can share with others!

  2. Good interview; Great advice! However, I would like to make one suggestion. Being aware of video surveillance. Look for cameras. If you have a persistent tail, get them in front of a camera, and make them face the camera. It can also be helpful to make them aware of the camera. Personal experience, I was the night guard at a subsidized apartment building. One night I was asking a gentleman (who was not a tenant) to leave because he and his girl friend (who was a tenant) were in a shouting match at 1:00 in the morning. When I told him he had to leave or I would call the police, he came barking at me like a bulldog. I back into the lobby right up in front of the camera, and I pointed up like I wanted him to check the weather. When I did that he looked straight into the camera and walked out the door.

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