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5 Tasers FAIL to bring down 18 year old.

5 Tasers FAIL to bring down 18 year old.

18 Year Old Inmate vs. 5 Corrections Officers

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/m4jnjq4-cFM”]

Think a TASER is going to save your ass…think again my friend.

Here is yet another example of the limitations of the almighty taser.

What you’re seeing in the video…

The taser fails to knock the guy down and the perp goes beszerk.

Next watch how the officer’s “training” kicks in.

Notice 4 of the CO’s who showed up as back up:

1. Blonde girl does nothing.

2. Black haired girl can’t load the taser and backs up the entire time.

3. Skinny guy (again with a taser) hides behind the pillar,

4. The last  Correction Officer (CO) stops to put her latex gloves on!!!

All in all, 5 tasers and the guy still is winning!

On the punch counter the perp threw around 25 punches, the good guys threw, ok wait for it…..ZERO!

The guy who saved the day runs in from the back (passing a bunch of his co-workers) and immediately goes hands on, once he did that, the situation starting going the right way.

Perp was 18 years old and mentally disturbed and obviously very strong. But he didn’t do anything special…he just started hitting.

To top it all off, one of the CO’s was in the ICU with a brain bleed and reconstructive face surgery.

Bottom line, these things fail and if you’re not trained in basic hand to hand skills you’re going to get thumped.

You NEVER know what you’re actually going to under stress, putting on gloves seems ridiculous, but if that’s the first thing you do EVERY TIME you go to touch an inmate…you just may do it. Under stress the mind locks in on practiced behaviors and continues them over and over again.

There’s no reason to keep firing the taser…but they continued to do it. But remember, under stress…REASON has nothing to do with it. I’m sure these officers carry batons and pepper spray as well…again not even deployed.

Train to plan on only being able to do a few simple movements and practice moving from one technology to the next with empty hand techniques mixed in.

If these officers had the RIGHT training – a few basic strikes done repeatedly and hard it would have gone a long way to getting this subject under control.  You don’t need to know a lot of moves, just one or two that work. Striking does the most damage and requires the least amount of training as exhibited by the inmate.

Until Next Time…Train Honestly,

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  1. In a crisis, people default to whatever training they’ve had. The training here was clearly lacking, and I hope it was addressed.  CO’s have a tougher gig than most people realize. Keep up the great work!

  2. BrianWilkes Right…everyone they deal with is a criminal. Regarding training, yes there is clearly an over dependence on gadgets.

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