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7 Ways to Survive a Mass Murder

7 Ways to Survive a Mass Murder

7 Ways to Survive a Mass Murder
even when you don’t have your firearm

Unfortunately France is just another in a long line of mass murderers that will continue. Today any cowardice piece of garbage who can get their hands on a firearm is going to remind us how vulnerable we are and how fragile life really is. 

This is a part of life and we need to know how to deal with it. If it’s not polio or genocide, it’s mass murders. The universe has a sick way of killing scores of us unnaturally. 

On a personal note…if I have listen to f#cking Hilary get on another talk show and talk about f#cking Gun Control I’m going to lose my mind. Doesn’t France have strict gun laws? How’s that working out? 

Let’s face it, if anyone in these France locations had a firearm a lot of lives would have been saved.

Make no mistake, these attacks will happen in places where there is less chance of the perpetrator meeting armed resistance. 

That being said, the gun laws are not getting changed tomorrow and there’s still a good chance you may have to face one of these maniacs without your firearm. 

Let’s look at one of the attacks that took place in a restaurant and see what you would have done differently. 

I mean no disrespect to the dead. In fact we do them a service by trying to prevent this from happening again. But since no one was killed or injured at this location, I feel this is a good example to use. 

[iframe id=”https://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1230096.html”]

It almost goes without saying that these people were LUCKY. 

Hiding under cafe tables and standing in plain sight ‘works’ when you have an “assassin” that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. With my luck, I would have probably had the Jihadist Jason Bourne trying to kill me. 

7 Ways to Survive a Mass Murder
even when you don’t have your firearm 

There you are, unarmed smearing butter on your baguette when all hell breaks loose. The realization and actualization take just a second or two but seem to last forever when it happens. Now what you do next means the difference between 


1. Expect it. 

The first thing we must do is “expect it”. The days of it not happening are over so stop 1683655-inline-i-1-windows-phone-ad-highlights-annoyance-of-taking-photos-other-people-are-also-takingbitching and deal with it. Any public place, your kid’s soccer game, school play, restaurant or concert should have you playing the ‘WHAT IF’ game.

What if a killer entered through the front entrance? What if he came into the Church? Just thinking about it and visualizing it will cut down that realization and actualization time and have you formulating a plan. 


2. Change your Attitude. 

Surviving this type of attack (or any other one for that matter) starts with your attitude.This is by far the hardest reality to come to grips with. 

You need to act as if…

“You’re Already Dead”

Any action you take from that point forward is an improvement. Abandon the “hope and survival” mindset because it leads you to think anything you do will provoke your attacker. As we have learned from past mass murder cases, the killer stopped when either his gun jammed, he ran out of ammo, he killed himself or someone intervened. 

If you act like prey, you will be treated like prey. When you fight back you short circuit the killers expectation. Like when a surfer punches a shark and the shark lets go. 

3. Plan an alternate exit.

When ever you go into a public place locate an alternate way out. There is ALWAYS one through the kitchen. Either way – don’t plan to go out the same way in which you came.


NCafteria-18-1024x6823. Throw anything.

If you don’t carry a firearm, what could you use to disrupt an attacker’s advance? In this case there are glasses, tables, chairs and a whole host of lightweight, hard objects that could be thrown at the killer.

In schools there are books, gym equipment and firehoses. I would make sure these are inspected regularly since they have a tendency to be ignored and decay into dust.

4. Take the opportunities when you get them.

In this case the gun jammed or ran out of ammo.  Any time there’s a a break in the firing – start throwing tables, chairs, books and anything you can get your hands on to distract him while you close the distance.


1852739565. Ambush him.

Any doorway, corner or hallway entrance is a perfect place to ambush and armed attacker. These areas allow you to close the distance between you and the killer without exposing yourself.


6. Arm yourself.

shoppingI always have some type of edged weapon on me, but for this type of situation, I prefer an impact weapon like a black jack. If you’ve never used one (check out SDTS Module 11) it is literally “lights out” for anyone you crack on the head. Even if you’re 100 pounds soaking wet. It’s truly magical. The problem with edged weapons is that you could stab him and he might not even feel it and it could take several minutes or more for him to really feel the effects of it. Plus, it’s psychologically easier to “konk” someone on the head than it is to run them through.

7. Know how to fight (even just a little).

Look, if you don’t know the first thing about real fighting…start, NOW. Don’t wait until you’re staring down the barrel of an AK. Even if it’s the bare minimum. Heck every living being on the planet knows how to defend itself and so should you. 

This is not the world you grew up in. Those days are over. Expect more of these because I’ve been telling you since Beslan 2004 this is going to happen more and more. 

Heck, a few people with a drum of pump gas could do more damage than the Paris attacks. 

We’re at war, use vs. them, good vs. evil. You’re either with us or against us…pick a side.

Train Honestly,

Instructor Ross

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  1. Yeup…..I was in the military back in mid 80’s n to this day im on some sort of alert, observing subtle red flags n casually checking my back…..
    female Marine

  2. Black jack, eh? I’ve never given much thought into them until now. I never leave the house without an edged tool (Esee knives are the bees knees lol) and my ASP. Sadly, the baton can be cumbersome to deploy and use in my busy nightclub. The black jack very well could be a game changer ;-). Thank you for everything you do!

  3. PSdesertgal OOHAAHH. Yep, once you condition yourself to pay attention you can get in front of it. BTW, my father, Uncles all Marines. We also have several instructors who are former Marines…I can’t get away from you people…which is a good thing.

  4. This should go out over the “sync” system for all instructors you publish. The general public, even the trolls, needs the opportunity to consider these points. Thank you, Big D.

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