• I’d like you to meet one of our SDTS Elite Members Kurt. Kurt’s a 63 yer old grandpa who’s not letting up any time soon. Every week I get messages from people telling me they’re too old, injured or otherwise Orange Beach 16

  • What does a heavily armed operator with a mission objective, equipped with intelligence, superior numbers and technology have to do with you being stalked when you’re alone, walking to your car in an empty parking 58ce98581400008b060704e1

    • Thanks for sounding off.

    • Thanks Kevin – much appreciated, but I have to ask, what’s with the comment about the editing at the end, you just can’t give a compliment?

    • I appreciate that – I do…but “serious editing” seems a little… a little over the top don’t you think?

      Plus posting it in a public forum might come off the wrong way.

      Instead of condemning the article with a blanket statement – maybe I would be more specific as to the issues, that’s what I would call constructive criticism.

      Plus, putting it out there in a public forum might come off the wrong way…

      If I were to correct someone…I would maybe make it a little more personal by sending a private note…like hitting CONTACT US and give a specific suggestions regarding the edits.

      That’s just me.

    • OK, you’re definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for finding us – that was great.

    • Great article, Sir. Convulsive, reflexive, flip of the switch! That is the beauty of the system. Thanks for the article.

    • This article is so right on the mark. I spent 22 years in the Air Force and in two wars. Persian Gulf and Bosnia. My last two years before retirement I was a First Sgt in a Security Force Squadron which consisted of law enforcement/ security. They trained exactly like you said.
      As always Mr Ross you hit the nail on the head. Or I should say the bad guy on the head.

  • Thanks Phil at this point Im just gauging interest as Im legally blind I dont drive so any training partner or group would have to be restricted to Kitsap county where the public transit would be feasable for me to use but thanks for the reply and interest

  • The Grateful List
    When times get a little tough, remind yourself of what matters in your life – why are you doing this…WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR – who do you want to defend and protect?

    This is my “Grateful” Critic

  • SDTS originally was on DVDs.

  • Redmond where I live is too far to train together but perhaps an occasional special session for something requiring partners. Could meet for coffee after the holidays near the ferry dock in Edmonds maybe. Phil Kouse

  • “I train 4 hours a day, seven days a week, 100% full contact.” – Any martial artist. 

    Having trained in division I athletics, and competing on the highest amateur levels I will tell you that extended, 2 29

    • Damian, welcome on nearly reaching fifty. Your above article shows the wisdom of your approach to training.

    • Damian,
      Congratulations on using years of wisdom as you edge closer to 50.

    • Hi Damian
      your approach makes a lot of sense and its very refreshing to see. I myself am almost 59 and an ex British veteran of 24 years service. As such, we often have a mentality that you have got to beast yourself continuously in order to be ready for combat etc and it takes a conscious effort to slow that down to reduce injuries. Your comments have helped to put it in to context, Many thanks

      Mick in the UK

    • Some people asked about the lifting app – program.

      It’s STRONG LIFTS 5X5 and you can get it in the itunes app store (not sure about google).


  • Nothing is set yet but I am gauging to see if there is interest for training in the Kingston WA area Pacific Northwest near Seattle


    We’re always looking for shortcuts. Fitness, sports…we LOVE when we get a little “secret” that gives us an edge over the competition an when it comes to training to hit 28181087151 49eb853846 B

    • Thanks for your insight very useful ..I will continue to learn this path and make it my own for my livelihood.. Thanks again Damian

    • Does anyone no how to build a GOOD Makiwara? ive tried ones ive seen on youtube etc,,and there all junk,,i see a floor bracket on Ebay that seems to be a way to go but its like $1-200.00 any help would be Greatly Appreciated Brian

      • Yes, those metal bases can get expensive.

        But if you don;t mind getting a little wet and cold you can do the following.

        1. Get a 4X4 fence post (treated for outside), Duct tape and and Thai kicking pad

        2. Did a 3 to 4 foot hole.

        3. Stick the post in the hole.

        4. Tape the pad to where your targets head should be (you can tap additional pads for shin/knee and groin).

        5. Beat the crap out of it.

        Because the post is in the earth, it will move and absorb the shock as needed.

        You can get creative with the striking surfaces (rope, leather) it up to you.

        When the duct tape tears…put another layer on!

        I hope that helps.


    • That’s a customer service issue. So that’s not for the post…but since you brought it up…

      If the secret to the universe was in a ebook you wouldn’t read it?

    • This is a good idea. However I would use a larger piece of plywood on the base with a heavy duty spring hinge on the striking post (which should be a 2X4) and set the post farther away from the dummy since you don’t want the post to hit the dummy – that may injure your wrist.

    • It NEVER ceases to amaze me…

      Forget the decades that I put into the training here, forget the century of research and all of the work that came before me…(holy crap I used to have to drive HOURS to train in this stuff).

      Forget all that….

      If you’re not willing to open an ebook or log on and look at a video for something that will potentially save your life…I highly doubt you have the will to actually defend yourself.

      If clicking a button is too much trouble – what happens when someone kicks in your door a 3am.

      I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but when I think of all the crap I had to go through to learn this stuff and some guy “want’s a book” I have to chuckle.

    • Thanks Jim – much appreciated.

      From what customer service told me, he refused to even look at it.

      We help people with tech issues all of the time – NEVER a problem. But still some people…IDK.

    • Hi Red – you can order them off of AMAZON here: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/instructor-equipment

      If you can’t do that, just go to DICK’s


      You can google THAI PAD and a ton of stuff will come up.

    • GREAT POST! I have doctoral and post-doctoral training on brain functioning. New learning and improved skills are developed by the process of brain “neuroplasticity”, i.e. brain neurons that fire together, wire together. This means repeated training, ongoing proper practice, as realistic as possible, will develop the necessary neuronal – body connections to best perform a given task, whether it be riding a bike, playing a musical instrument, giving a speech, or pounding some thug’s ass who is trying to impose his violent will upon you or loved ones! I say the SDTS is well supported by brain and neuroscience research even though I read many criticisms by “so-called” martial art experts. I stake my life on Damian’s great programs.

    • Bernie and Jerry – I was hoping you guys would meet…or did you already, I forget.

    • I would like a refund, I never opened the e. Book and never will, send my refund of. $19.00 and unsubscribe me from any future stuff from your training program Thank You

    • I have watched and did all the Makiwara drills and really see the benefits of training with a Makiwara, BUT i think its the Backfist Drill Damian hits it straight on then to the Head of the Makiwara, my Question is how to make the head on the Makiwara, i see how it leans out but how to attatch the head and what to use to make the head, ?

    • Where or ware can i get one of those Leather Pads you strike on your Makiwara? im using rope and i can live with it and i dont want a thai pad, I would like to buy a leather pad like on your Makiwara, looks like the best way to go, Thank You

    • Damian what do you think about this Maiwara, do you think it would be good enough to gain hitting power, basically is it worth buying? looks real good but im a 2 year rookie to SDTS and a total Makiwara rookie https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beginner-Makiwara-Martial-Arts-Training-Karate-Kung-Fu-MMA-Hojo-Undo/222377018950?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3D7afd14c621f2444ba04b7b8ca9b02a91%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D7%26sd%3D222170924600&_trksid=p2385738.c100677.m4598

  • SALT LAKE CITY — Couple’s multi-state murder and kidnapping spree comes to an end after the shooting and killing of a University of Utah student near Red Butte Garden. The killer couple had staked out the area a 26401190

  • I posted this question and it wasn’t long before the ‘experts’ chimed in – months, weeks, a year…10 YEARS!!!

    Not surprising because after decades in the martial arts whose business thrives on you spending 2017 11 16 12 08 52

  • If you posted a video anything, (especially in martial art and self defense) – without FAIL a self proclaimed “expert” will emerge and point out some useless detail that has no bearing of the effectiveness of Critic

    • Love your blunt comments Damian.

    • Very good comment on a topic that is all around in sports and exercise. As in your programs, Damian, you provide a pragmatic approach.

      • Thanks Max.

        You know – I was away from coaching kids and high school sports for about 10 years, then after watching my own kids grow up and coaching on all levels (except college) seeing how much time and money parents throw at this stuff…it’s insane.

        A n elite athlete either has it, or doesn’t and there’s no personal coach that’s going to make the difference. You need God given talent, opportunity and luck.

        A billion dollar business has exploded – travel teams, personal trainers and coaches….all geared at parents hoping to cash in on a scholarship for their kids.

        The result has been awful.

        Kids get so over coached and burnt out by bad coaching and over bearing parents that by the time they kid to high school most of them are cynical and burnt out.

        Every sport has literally adopted the “martial arts” model and has made kids believe they need to specialize in order to be great.

        The reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth.

        In fact there’s no study that supports specialization under the age of 18.

        Now you have kids playing team sports, with no regard for the team. They move from one travel team to the next until they get a coach who tells them what they want to hear.

        That kid misses the whole point of sports – team work, dedication, sacrifice for the greater good…BROTHERHOOD.

        This get’s you ready for having a FAMILY. Because it’s not about you, it’s about us.

        Every parent thinks that if they throw enough time and money at something they’re going to create a D1 athlete.

        They move them from sport to sport and create this mercenary attitude of if I get a better offer for ME I’m going to leave.

        No wonder you have higher divorce rates and broken homes. You need to know how to make it work – but no, they just know how to leave when things don’t go your way.

        Sorry, for the rant – it’s something I feel strongly about.

    • Kip replied 4 weeks ago

      I couldn’t agree more, sir.

    • Thank you – much appreciated.

  • Before entering any room, always look for a second way out, because under stress most people will always escape the way they entered.

    But if you set in your mind that you will use an alternate exit if 276a3db0 630b 4ead 9276 6bc40a8650e8 1000

    • Go to an abandoned building, and practice stomp kicking through the walls. Sheetrock and studs can be removed in this manner, and so you can make an exit in an emergency instead of having to stay where you are. By getting into the next room, or the next store, you can possibly save your’s and your family or friends, or others lives as they will certainly follow you when you make your new way out.

    • I hear what you’re saying Cliff and I see value in that, but keep in mind a lot of these places are type 3 construction which has masonry walls.

      The only structures the have studs and sheet rock are wood frame type 4 construction- homes. Beyond false walls and dividers you’re going to be hitting the bricks- literally.


    • Didn’t think of that my man and I have no idea – however your local building inspector can easily give you any of those requirements…or a fire fighter who knows their shit :).

  • Looking for a training partner in north-central lower Michigan. If you’re interested in training together let me know.

  • In this installment of Hate Mail we get a little more in depth with some of my haters who feel compelled to send video, threaten lawsuits and the feds or just threaten me. Either way, these three people are in a 11060937 10153378671590833 8412221250934517518 N

    • Wow! This is a nutzo world.

      Why Shawn needs to cover face is beyond me. Probably looks gay! Spikes at 2 feet, most experts can throw 20 feet with dead accuracy…. Shawn needs to try that and record it.

      Chris, well Chris will be Chris… sounds like he needs a job! I never brag, just perform when I to….

      I think Gary needs a Lyft to never-never land.

      I’ll say this….. jealousy is a bitch, ain’t it?

      Keep up the good work, Damian!

    • Hello Damian and ‘all’. We concentrate on ‘that guy’, or ‘those guys’ as potentially hazardous to our health. Well, I went in to have my teeth routinely cleaned from a dentist whom I know well, and who has knocked himself out for me in the past. I was truly trusting as the ‘hygenist’ went about her business. BIG MISTAKE! Can you guess what happened next? She not only smacked my gums with her floss (Ow!), but tried to perform a LTTG (Lobotomy thru the gums), jamming something into my front teeth. Six weeks later, I’m still not right, and yes, I passed this on to said dentist. Point to be taken, PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES. Just so you know. I enjoy your e-mails.

    • It doesn’t matter if your teaching a Self-Defense course or a course in Ballet… Your bound to get hate mail.. The key word is TEACHING, here. The haters are simply JEALOUS you are making an honest living and attempting to do some good in the world. and YOU TOOK the initiative to Teach it to others.

      Keep up the good work Damian. (Your making a DIFFERENCE!!

    • Yoga bliss actually complimented you Damian. He said your a LETHAL WEAPON !!
      Ya gotta love that.

  • Empty hand self defense is the absolute LOWEST form of self defense.

    If it were so great…we wouldn’t need weapons.

    Ever since Cain killed Abel with a rock, mankind has been developing faster, easier and 4542df97941f5547e1171be95445dced Kyokushin Karate Punch

    • Great material! If I don’t have my tactical nuke handy, I’ll be sure to improvise and adapt to the threat with what I do have, with intentions of eliminating the threat as quickly as possible. Thanks Damian

    • Agreed, Damian. That’s what my father taught me, which is what Rex Applegate taught him in WWII.

    • Adapt and overcome, escape and survive should be the primary objective of any credible self-defense system. Thank you for teaching your students to train honestly.

    • Kip replied 4 weeks ago

      “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

  • There’s a great photo essay on the World Adaptive Surfing Championships in the Player’s Tribune. Each year competitors from all over the world with disabilities from blindness to missing limbs compete in this Adaptation

  • Great to see you finally made it here!

    Never hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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