• Hey Lee – There are about 13K on the program now… and we’re adding a few hundred every month, so if not now…soon.

  • Hi there, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lee Dugas, I am 52 yo, and I live in Mt Vernon, OH. I served in the Army for 13 years, and I have trained in Martial Arts (Shodokan & Tai Kwon Do) for 8 years. However, I have been out of the dojo for about 10 years and have been having the urge to get back in, getting back to a comfort…[Read more]

  • I’m in Mt Vernon. So Mt Vernon, Newark, Mansfield, Westerville, or Columbus.

  • This may sound strange coming from someone who sells bulletproof clothing and who’s secret wish is to protect everyone on the planet with my ballistic armor…but please SLOW DOWN.
    Everytime there’s a school 1. Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket

    • Hi Damian, — As always thanks for you common sense and especially your honesty. As you point out it’s too easy to get swept in hysteria when a gruesome and scary situation happens. As you like to say, train honestly, you can extend that to equip honestly. — Bob

    • “Rick”, you should have after your first line – I don’t know if your “Special Forces” or special needs, I have no way of verifying it but judging by your rambling, I can guess which one.

      You were triggered by BULLETPROOF, AR and ARMOR PIERCING – why you decided to give the wikipedia history of ballistic protection and the caliber variation on the AR platform is beyond me.


      The purpose of the post was to VERY briefly explain NIJ Ballistic Ratings (I even included the 89 page report) and to make sure you don’t buy something that’s not going to solve your problem.

      You can see from the post that a “celebrity” purchased a backpack that is NIJ LEVEL 3A.

      You can see from the post what level 3A stops.

      We also know that the killer in florida used an AR-15 that shot a 7.62MM round.

      We know from the NIJ rating that the backpack in question WILL NOT STOP THAT ROUND.

      I don’t need to shoot it, to prove it because the manufacturer states it won’t stop that round.

      So don’t be a “RICK” use some common sense.

      Have a great day.


      PS. I’m not trying to sell you ANYTHING…I made that quite clear. At present we don’t have Level 3 and above protection. But if you’re a RICK, you wouldn’t understand that.

  • Hi, my name is Ed Kizun and I am an SDTS Elite member. 
    It seems some of you need a strong-shot of morale. Look, I’m no big deal, ok?  I was born with cerebral palsy, and with a strong Mom and other family memb Miscellaneous 010

    • Ed, you’re a real tonic. I served in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and your mind set is so much the same. You have my greatest admiration. I am coming up to my 68th birthday and have just joined as an Elite member of SDTS. The whole ethic is inspiring. Way to go!

    • I am proud to have you and others as fellow SDTS Elite members! God Bless you Ed for your courage, determination, and commitment to personal safety! We understand that we cannot depend on government, laws, police, gun free zones, PC school policies, and other worthless political safety promises! In fact, WASHINGTON, June 27, 2005 – “The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.” Fox News report some cops defend their failure to intervene in violent situations as their right to go home safe based on this ruling.

      We know many cops will face the gates of hell to protect us, but we do not know which cop will show up, or take their time, or wait outside in their car while violent murder is taking place in OUR home!

      Our safety is a personal responsibility!

  • This one was too close to home…

    Yesterday I received a call from my close friend who’s daughter is a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. SHE IS OK and managed to escape the Parkland Florida School Shooting 05 Ap Jc 180214 992

    • you can’t fix stupid or crazy. You can only prepare for the worst case and hope it never happens. Everyone is tired of seeing these things, in the end you have to advocate for your own safety. What form that takes depends primarily on your own attitude toward protecting your self, some think it will never happen to them other end of the spectrum they have fall out shelters. Somewhere in that range everyone falls, i personally train 6 hours a week to try to ensure my safety and the safety of my family again training for the worse case but hoping i never need to use it. A wise man once said “train hard” i would add you life may depend on it. Thank Damian, you have wise words and great advice.

    • Hey Jim – totally understandable. The fact that events like these are “common place” is insane to me and we can’t let ourselves get used to it. We still need to be outrage when it happens.

      You touched on a couple of points. Schools have done such a good job of protecting our kids from violence that they no longer know how to deal with it. Zero tolerance anti-bullying has made standing up for yourself a crime.

      Now adults, kids lack the interpersonal skills to resolve conflict and stand up for themselves….and it’s starting to show.

      Add to that the instant recognition on social media and there’s no difference between famous and infamous. It used to be you needed a talent to get noticed and that required a gift, hard work and luck to be recognized. Now, it seems all you need to do is light your dick on fire, and you’re going viral.

      The pendulum needs to swing back to normalize, but I’m afraid we may wind up legislating ourselves into oblivion.

      I don’t know, our kids are dealing with stuff we never imagined. Too much information, instant recognition (or lack thereof) comes fast and furious. We need to figure this out and adapt.

    • Thanks for posting Larry and I respectfully disagree regarding the solution.

      I will agree that there are no guarantees in any of this, it’s risk management. From your quote, you really don’t know where or what the police presence was or how the shooter breached the school.

      Typically you want to protect large population centers. After all they’re looking for body count and it’s tougher to get outdoors. Inside where people bunch up is preferred. This is also why they pull the fire alarms.

      If you have one way in and that’s through some bulletproof glass and a guy with a gun. They’re going to try another way in. But if someone props a door open and it goes undetected all bets are off. Your force can’t be in two places at once.

      We’re never…ever going to be 100% – impossible, but you can continue to take measures to decrease the likelihood.

    • My comment is this. All of your stuffis great and inspirational to us all BUT maybe a more sympathetic approach to this situation may be more appropriate. Badass is ok but so is empathy

    • After all the hot air burns off, we only have another senseless mass murder. When America wakes up to add just a little self-defense training to every classroom guardian (the teacher), we will see these gutless bullies stop attacking the innocents; because they will no longer be helpless. Love without backbone is a cream puff – to be consumed or squashed.

    • “Empathy will also not save you if targeted by a paranoid delusional individual.”

      Excellent Jerry.

      I’m pretty sure everyone here feels empathy, but that empathy should compel someone to ACTION.

      Empathy by itself or even for the sake of understanding is USELESS.

      This is why I can do without the candlelight vigil…unless it’s followed with TRAINING.

      It’s important to mourn and remember – but then there needs to be ACTION or the tragic loss of life is wasted.

      Training and preparation helps the healing process. It turns frustration and helplessness into strength and empowerment. Many times I’ve seen victims deal with their PTSD with training and preparation…I also know that’s something you know a little about (and I don’t so I’m going to shut up here).

    • Thanks for posting Floyd, great stuff.

      You should check out this report: http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a589749.pdf

      Well, it is EXTREMELY RARE because I can’t think of one instance where a shooter confronted an armed guard or a cop to gain access to the school.

      Typically you have armed guards at every entrance point.

      The killer is going to look for ways around them. They want a body count.

      Like I said, there is NO FOOL PROOF PLAN and a properly motivated killer is going to find a way if he has to…especially if he doesn’t care about his own life.

      Do I think training and arming teachers and staff is part of the solution…YES I DO.

      You can make it voluntary, with annual training and give them a bonus for doing it. Have them go to the local academy and qualify every year, just like the police. The system is there.

    • Thanks again Larry – if we all agree with each other 100% of the time…someone here is a moron.

      It think to Grossman’s point…just put an armed guard in the school, it decreases the chances dramatically based on the information we have regarding all mass shootings.

      In this case I know it’s a large campus so it might have been improperly protected.

      But to speak to your last point I totally agree regarding gun control ( yes, I realize I’m a moron based on my prior statement).

      I agree, some weapons are just too easy to get and an AR should not be treated the same as a shotgun or a hunting rifle. It should at least have the same restrictions as a handgun.

      But I want to talk about the repercussions of this kids posting that he wanted to be a professional school shooter on youtube. I don’t know the timeline, but I know I’m in a database as a gun owner.

      There should be some type of penalty when you make these statements as a gun owner. It just can’t be dismissed.

      This literally just happened in Nutley NJ TODAY..

      16 year old kid makes a video of him at the range with an AR, then he’s outside his school with a firearm all the while the song “PUMPED UP KICKS” is playing. If you don’t know it, it’s about shooting up a school https://genius.com/Foster-the-people-pumped-up-kicks-lyrics

      So the kids is taken into custody and released saying that he is NO IMMEDIATE THREAT.

      This is one I’m going to watch closely because where are the parent responsibilities in this?

      What I would like to happen is:

      Parents face criminal negligence charges and lose the privilege of gun ownership.
      The kid is placed into counseling and loses all gun ownership privileges for life.
      Kid has to do community service in something related to gun violence victims.

      Look, the warning signs are ALWAYS there – we need to take them more seriously earlier and we need to punish people for poor judgement.

      Here’s the article.


    • More important points Damian about a heart-breaking subject that yet needs our honest and realistic understanding for those of us invested in personal safety! The media is full of tons of crap and so called experts with mouths full of the same! “…empathy should compel someone to ACTION.” ABSOLUTELY!!! AND, empathy starts with us! If we do not value and respectful ourselves and loved ones, deny the existence of evil actors, turn the other cheek, then we fail to protect what is most dear, so fragile, and precious to us, and are at the “mercy of the merciless!! Not for me if I can help it! I appreciate all the good comments made here, and thanks Damian for giving all of us a voice so we can learn from each other!

      • One of my favorite books is GATES OF FIRE by Pressfield. In it he points out that the opposite of FEAR is LOVE.

        Why do soldiers REALLY fight? It’s for the love of the guy next to them.

        Not for glory, not for political reasons…it’s for the solder on your left and your right.

        Why do we do this?

        Love of family, love of friends…

        Deep down I feel this is what’s missing from people’s lives: BROTHERHOOD (or sisterhood).

        It’s knowing that the person next to you is invested in the task as much or more than you.

        I’m not religious and I’m definitely not known to quote the bible, in fact the only verse I know is:

        John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

        That is really who I am.

        It’s why I do this, it’s why I still coach and volunteer on the fire department.

        Without it, I really see no point.

    • You do bring up an interesting point. If you’re against guns…then be AGAINST GUNS.

  • Hi Damian,
    Your videos are amazing. Simple,but so efficient. I had an awful experience a few years ago.
    I was attacked by 2 guys. A big guy (about 2 meters high) was behind me and put his hands around me (” Streetfight

    • Everywhere you go to learn self defense whether it’s a karate dojo or Krav Maga school it’s the same thing. You let your partner grab you either choke hold or bear hug and then you use your so called technique and your partner falls dead in his tracks. Nice technique but that only happens in the movies. The best self defense is to be aware your surroundings at all times. That the best self defense for me so far. And I didn’t learn that in any martial arts school.

  • “Mr. Ross,
    I am a 67 year old grandfather that hasn`t been in a altercation with a human since junior high school (although I came very close to punching the lights out a over zealous Mines Inspector several Denial State Clean

    • Hi Mike,

      I hear you…but can you squeeze a spray bottle…or learn how to avoid a situation all together? If you can grip something you can use it to defend yourself.

      You need to STOP thinking of this stuff as martial arts and fighting…yes it’s a part of it, but only a third of it actually.

      I’m not going to bullshit you – the more physically challenged you are, the harder it is but…NOW YOU NEED TO BE MORE AWARE and MORE conscious of how you interact with your environment.

      We have people in wheelchairs figuring out how to protect themselves with the system.

      You need an attitude like F$CK YOU, I’m TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!!


    • Michael Hesterberg

      Given your health conditions, I doubt you’re going to be a contender, but Damian’s stuff is the real deal, and it will definitely improve your chances in a scuffle. I’m way past prime, but I study the material. Hell, it may save me and someone else that I did not have to shoot because I was able to take care of the situation without having to go that far. My grandson is a black belt, but I tell him to look at this because if he is really in for a serious fight what Damian is teaching is the way to go.

    • Tom,

      Your comments reflect the overriding attitude of the sheep…denial. Fact remains, bad things happens.

      And if you find much better value in being proactive…that’s EXACTLY what this is.

      Not everything can be settled in court and if you choose to live your life in denial, that’s your choice.

      Thanks again for your sacrifice.

    • Mike, you’re a stroke survivor. Good, you survived! (Just like I did, along with cerebral palsy, spine surgery). Now, important question: when are you gonna go from a ‘survivor’ to a ‘prevailer’!
      Seriously Mike, SDTS is more than a self-defense; it’s a ‘head-thing,’ just like anything else! Are you enjoying what you’ve got left, or are you ‘feeling sorry for yourself’? Crucial difference here! I get up in the morning in my wheel-chair ready to grab the day by the throat! I can think, see the sun, read with one eye, enjoy the birds, my cat. Leave your pre-stroke days where it belongs- in the past! Be a hunter of life and don’ feel sorry for yourself! There’s too many able-bodied people like that- ‘victims,’ ‘snowflakes’. I’d rather enjoy being the wolf or the honey badger. Go to a wolf farm and study it. And suck it up!

    • TOM

      After 36 years in Law Enforcement, I have seen things you have not. Now I teach people how not to become a victim. Before that can happen, the student has to agree that he/she does not want to become a victim to ANY wolf for ANY reason. We have a saying, “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.”

      I hope your world stays as safe as you want it to be. I will continue to help people be prepared.

      O. K. Neal

    • I regret that we live in a world where sheepdogs are necessary. Damian has a good point: Do you have car insurance? Tom and many others hope for a peaceful life, me too! I studied Shaolin King fu for 50 years now. One proverb: “We train to fight so we may live in peace.” My buddy Teddy Roosevelt said it well: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” We all avoid violence most of the time. No one wants it . . . except I am pursuing an EdD, and my dissertation topic is Minimizing Injuries Related to Interpersonal Violence. I want to keep people safe on our school campuses. But hope didn’t prevent the 104 school shootings since Columbine in 1999. None of us encourages violence, but STDS members are ready to deal with something we don’t want. Similar to having a AAA card or car insurance. Bernie McPherson, MSN.

    • Damian, I agree completely. All my life, I have been big, fast, strong and effective in physical confrontations.

      I rarely had to use it, probably as the size and confidence were apparent. However, now I’m 62 with white hair. I’m slower and not as strong. I can’t help notice that predators look at me more like prey than they ever did.

      The methods and mindsets that you teach will fare me better now.

      Thanks, Bob

  • The regular is fine Rich.

  • The regular is fine Rich.

  • The regular is fine Rich.

  • I am shopping for a BOB practice dummy and wanted to get your opinion as to whether it is necessary or preferable to get the XL model with the longer torso. I noted that you typically use the shorter version and practice lower kicks etc. with a heavy bag on the floor.

  • NEW and Improved Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket.
    It’s more than a jacket, its personal protection equipment.

    Modular design
    Install the ballistic protection into a variety of Bodyguard outer jackets and Bodyguard Brick

    • This outer fleece isn’t resistant to rain – however, we’re coming out with a jacket that is more weather resistant and a little more heavy duty.

      So when it’s nasty out, you zip this jacket off and put the other one on.

      The good news is, you can buy this one for warm/cool weather and just purchase other outer jacket for the nastier stuff.

      This way you don’t need to keep buying the protection (which is the expensive part).

    • Hey Dana,

      I’m glad you brought this up…let’s talk about a gun fight.

      First you don’t need to use the conceal carry option, and use the bodyguard holsters for back up…..so it’s kind of a moot point, but I digress…

      A gun fight – what will you do when someone pulls a weapon? You’re not going to be quick draw – if you’re close you’re going to beat them within an inch of your life…if you’re farther away…you’re running for cover.

      If you think there’s going to be a problem and you THINK you may need your weapon, you’ll have time to pull it.

      And…if it’s a third party situation…you’re going to take cover draw your weapon.

      Oh and if someone is shooting at you…well you’re going to RUN FOR COVER.

      Fact is the situation you’re talking about is non-existent.

      The off chance you draw and have to fire your weapon…you will most likely be doing it FIRST and your target will be running for cover.

      Finally, we have a sport coat in the works, but it’s a different product and right now, I’m not crazy about the outer jacket.

    • Hy Antonio, just click on the link at the bottom of the post and you’ll get all the info you need.

  • The three pillars of  self defense are POSITION, DISTANCE and MOMENTUM.

    Position is where you are in relation to the threat.

    Distance is how far you are from the threat.

    Momentum is your motion Motion Momentum2 240

    • The formula for Kinetic Energy (KE) = 0.5 times the mass (M) times the velocity (V) squared. So the faster a person is moving toward the target the more energy will be delivered. Moving twice as fast delivers four times the energy.
      Thanks for reminding us of how important our forward motion is.

    • Test

  • I get a lot of people asking my opinion about other self defense programs and to be honest – there’s SO MUCH stuff out there both good and bad and I’m only one guy so it’s impossible to review and watch every new Knife Defense FloDeana

    • So I’m going to guess you’re asking about ANY self defense training since the article is about how to evaluate a self defense system.

      And to answer your question, training and education can take place anywhere.

      • Hey Wayne, thanks for your email.

        “Thank you for a practical summary of a unplanned defense scenario. My question is how would this course be taught. Would it take place on internet or at a location with instructor.”

        I’ll explain how I learned this, practiced it and used it.

        I used to travel to see my instructor about once every two weeks or so. We’d meet for an hour or two, I’d take notes and go home and trian in my gym.

        Mostly by myself, on my own schedule, beating the hell out of dummies, bricks and the things I made in my basement.

        If I had a question I would email or call him.

        I’d also read books (many of which are on the platform). So when I wasn’t training, I was still reading and learning.

        This lasted for about a year until his health declined.

        This is how the SDTS was born – now instead of meeting with your instructor, you log in and watch the video – post your questions like this and even video if you want and we’ll take a look at it.

        We will even certify you.

        MAKE NO MISTAKE we train and certify instructors – and you can train with them, but training with an instructor is only temporary.

        Eventually life will get in the way and you’ll have to stop – but your need for self defense IS CONSTANT as is your physical ability.

        First of all, it shouldn’t take you years to learn this. It’s not that complicated.

        Second, in order for you to keep training and keep learning you need to be able to come back every once in a while and refresh.

        I will tell you this, once you go through the modules, you don’t need to do it ALL OF THE TIME.

        Check that box and move on.

        Martial arts is a business designed to keep you training longer and more often, it’s just the nature of the beast.

        With this, if you’re training consistently for a year, you’re good. Even if you have a few minutes here or there…sure you might not be able to develop physical skill, but there is a lot of tactical training to learn as well.

        In order for a self defense program to live and grow with you it must be:

        Easy to do.
        Go wherever you go.
        Be there right when you want it.

        What we do is revolutionary, I hate to use the term but when everyone is telling us YOU CAN’T and we have thousands of people WHO CAN. Well, something is happening.

    • In any situation when you are fighting for YOUR LIFE the BEST defense is a QUICK and POWERFUL OFFENSE period… Your not going to have the luxury of TIME to RESPOND cognitively to the situation or even think about a response. REACTION is a non-thought out response. ANY martial arts training that DOES NOT recognize this, is a waste of time and money in my estimation. So what if you attacker has a weapon, ATTACK THE MAN!! (while deflecting the weapon).

  • The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book “Any One Man The Equal of Ten – The Fundamentals of Self Defense” by Damian Ross.

    The (short) History of Self Defense

    There are comprehensive surveys Greek

  • Eric and his autistic son Kevin have been training together in SDTS Combatives for several months,. Well last night that training was put to the test when Kevin, by himself, stopped the local bully from robbing 0810171457c

    • A “strong armed” robbery, and not an “armed robbery?” Fortunately.

      • Why that comment?

      • So “Firewagon” isn’t going to respond and I figured as much…that’s cause his comment demonstrates what’s wrong with society and the subversive sheep mentality.

        When you point out that someone who defends themselves successfully was “lucky” you’re part of the problem.

        This bullshit promotes FEAR and DOUBT and encourages people to b submissive and NOT FIGHT BACK for fear of the worst.

        Fact is “CRYER WAGON” you weren’t there so unless you’re standing in the man’s shoes and hear what he hast to say kindly STFU.

  • This is a true customer exchange and it has not been altered in any way. Keep in mind that English is not the customer’s first language and we really wanted to help this guy…you think you’re ready for Hqdefault

    This edition of hate mail features people telling me that I have ZERO talent and don’t know how to fight even on the most basic level.  Let’s face it, they think I Jose Luis Guinea

    • Exactly.

      Look, the people telling you it takes years are rooted in programs that are designed to keep you training LONGER and MORE OFTEN.

      The whole martial arts and self defense business is designed to get students to train longer. The longer you stay…the more you pay.

      I’m not saying school owners are evil – it’s just the nature of their business.

      Yet, every year millions of people all over the world survive violence without any training whatsoever.

      This is another post – but the way most martial arts are taught is TOO restrictive, rigid and complicated which makes it counter-intuitive to fight or flight (SNS activation).

      Anyway – it shouldn’t take years to learn something that’s instinctual to every creature on the planet.

    • I know that when I train using the techniques you are showing it feels natural and makes sense. When I trained with martial arts instructors many techniques did not feel natural and needed lots of practice. I am at an age where my wife and I are targets. I keep in shape as much as possible but that will not stop the potential for attacks. I carry myself with confidence but that will not stop the attacks. I want something I can use quickly and not worry about breaking my hands, like in kickboxing. Keep up the good work.

      • Yep, there’s a way in a lot of the martial arts that goes against natural movement which is different than this and even sports.

        The goal of what were doing is all that matters, how you get there is not that important. In martial arts it’s both the goal and how you do it.

        Turn your foot an inch, snap your head around – focusing on the minutia and losing sight of the big picture.

        Great observation.

    • Mr Ross
      I can’t believe that you don’t teach the Barney Fife Body Block. I am enclosing the video website on youtube so you can see how it is done. https://youtu.be/lezTyL4WJ4w. :)
      All I can say is Fantastic system.

      • Tom, please call me Damian….

        Hey – that Fife Bodyblock took down a convicted felon…we’ve got to add it

    • Gerald, Just start with 60 minute self defense, if you like what you see…look at the Elite program.

      It all starts here: https://pages.myselfdefensetraining.com/60minute

      Once you’re in…we start.

    • I love these hate mail posts! People think there has to be flying kicks and death touch techniques for it to be “real” haha. I’ve trained in many different martial arts and self defense programs over the years, and continue to do so because you can never stop learning new things. This system is the simplest and most effective I’ve ever found and I continuously go back and watch the videos to refresh throughout the year. A lot of youngsters think they’re bad ass because they train MMA, then go into panic mode once they get dropped with a good ol hand yoke haha. But what do I know? – Bouncer, Security Officer, Military Police, Certified Modern Army Combatives Instructor

    • Jim replied 1 month ago

      A lot of stupid stuff from these guys, but I think the first one from Jose Luis Guinea saying, “You can tell this nerd, geek etc doesn’t know shit about self defense. He doesn’t even have the appearance of a fighter. If he is so good, why isn’t he making money in the UFC?,” pretty well sums up the ignorance.

      What does a fighter look like? I found out a long time ago that some guys who looked tough couldn’t fight worth a damn, and some guys who looked like pushovers could kick the shit out of you. When it comes to fighting don’t judge the book by its cover, and treat all people like they are bad-asses.

      Also, he fails to understand the difference between sport and self-defense. In self-defense, the go-to moves are against the rules of the UFC.

    • thank you, I needed the laugh.

    • VINCE!!! You made my month. Thank you.

      The one thing about this stuff is that when the adrenaline hits you can channel it. Hence the skel flying into the fence.

      The strike + drive = DAMN.

      Great, great stuff.

      Vince, if it’s OK with you I’d like to re-tell that story…sanitized a bit of course.

    • Yep – it was also at a time when hand to hand combat was a tactic regularly used on the battlefield. Trench warfare, weapon technology and raiding parties all relied heavily on the soldier’s ability to fight in close quarters.

      Today (and this is a good thing) weapon tech and intel keep our men and women at a much safer distance.

    • Combatives is the GO TO. Period. I always suggest people supplement with a grappling art like judo – and if you’re into anything else, fine. You just don’t want a system that makes you STOP AND THINK.

    • I really enjoy hate mail…

  • Your time is valuable, and when it comes to self defense there’s A LOT that is taught that really has no business in your life.

    Time to cross these ridiculous self defense moves OFF your list and get on with

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