• By Tom Powers – Self Defense Company Instructor/ Cyber security Expert

    Facebook is a great thing, but if configured incorrectly…it gives terrible people WAY too much info about you. Unfortunately, because of Untitled41

    • BTW – this house committee hearing is a JOKE.

    • Dear Tom: This is a very serious issue in our society. This is one reason I am not such an active FB member. The other side of it is personal responsibility: if you don’t want the world to know about it, don’t put it on Facebook. Me? I want everybody to know I go through the STDS modules every year, to insure my skills are sharp! Bernie M.

  • You can purchase them many places…google BLACKJACK BILLY CLUB.

    As for it being legal…that depends. They’re illegal in NJ but I still carry.

    I’ve “made” one with a 6oz fishing weight and double layer of bandanas…not as good, but still OK.

  • Damian,great video on black jack training.Is legal to own, if so, where to purchase? Thanks.

  • An epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan is announcing broad new “knife control” policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Khan

    • I wish…it’s been picked up by every major news source.

    • For years, Brits carrying any implement in public without a good reason (such as a screwdriver) are subject to questioning or arrest. Americans who think that complete global disarmament is not a goal are deceived. But, it’s going to be difficult to duct-tape our bare hands. Rah, Damain!

    • We’ve had knife problems in London for over 60 years and the increase in knife crime since guns were outlawed. Khan instigated the reduction of “Stop and Search” because they were inherently racist. Now bringing them back. This is the consequence of serious flaws in the lack of rights to defend one self. Let’s check a few facts: criminals carry knives and and or guns. Citizens don’t. 10% of all murders in the England and Wales involved firearms. The rate of body harm from assault are over ten times higher than the USA. Why – UK citizens have very little options when comes to self defense. This is what we need to avoid at all costs here in the USA.

    • PC politicians suffer from brain damage caused by head insertion into a tight sphincter, either their own or somebody else’s. To depend on them for our safety means we do the same. Teddy Roosevelt left us with some words of wisdom that I think are inherent in the SDTS,

      Speak softly and CARRY A BIG STICK; you will go far.
      Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but NEVER HIT SOFT!

      Our safety is our responsibility! I am grateful to the SDTS for making our safety more likely!

    • So the criminals, who do not obey the law now, will obediently obey the ‘no knives’ law?
      To paraphrase the proverb: “When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives.”
      And, if more people die from automobile fatalities, we should outlaw automobiles . . .
      They cannot take away my hands, feet or head. Let’s refine those tools. Bernie M.

  • On Wednesday, 28 March, 2018, the West Maypole Avenue Church of Christ was having a Bible study that started at 7:30 p.m. At 8:09 p.m., the study was interrupted by 27-year-old Kenneth Baines, who announced an a Church Security Maypole Chicago Church Of Christ

  • Hey Lee,

    First, your actions were completely effective. After all – nothing was done.

    Second, don’t take this stuff personally. It’s not about you and it’s ALL about them.

    They’re having a BAD DAY, their LIFE SUCKS and they decide to take it out on the next person they pass by.

    Finally, let’s talk about how you present yourself to the…[Read more]

  • Hey Lee,

    First, your actions were completely effective. After all – nothing was done.

    Second, don’t take this stuff personally. It’s not about you and it’s ALL about them.

    They’re having a BAD DAY, their LIFE SUCKS and they decide to take it out on the next person they pass by.

    Finally, let’s talk about how you present yourself to the…[Read more]

  • Hey Lee,

    First, your actions were completely effective. After all – nothing was done.

    Second, don’t take this stuff personally. It’s not about you and it’s ALL about them.

    They’re having a BAD DAY, their LIFE SUCKS and they decide to take it out on the next person they pass by.

    Finally, let’s talk about how you present yourself to the…[Read more]

  • I was into more conflict again. Minding my own business, leaving Lowes Hardware, snow/ice/slush all over the road. Dude rides by me on bike, glares at me and says ‘get on the sidewalk, use the damn sidewalk!’ and rides to go into the store. Like Im supposed to take that abuse? I don’t think so. I went over to the entrance, pulled out my cellphone,…[Read more]

  • The following article was written by my daughter for her high school school paper. As fate would have it, her cousin is a freshman at Stoneman Douglas high School. Needless to say, the names have been MarjoryStonemanDouglasHS 22Jun2008 Cropped

  • I think striking focus mitts using a pad holder would be a good topic for a video. Setting up scenarios and using SDTS striking and the pad holder could give good feedback and you could practice taking ground somewhat realistically! Could set a lot of different options using Mod5 for multiple opponent’s.
    Just a thought!

  • We get emails and comments all the time about Krav Maga and I don’t hate it…to me it’s just like any other martial art.

    Why do people believe in Krav Maga?

    Because it’s taught to Israeli Soldiers and if Kravmagacover

    • Hey Mario – thanks, the fact is when you break it down…it’s really no different than any of the American Karate Schools in the 80s and 90s.

      They have their core kicking and punching.
      They spar.
      The practice specific defense counters.
      The add whatever the latest trend it into their classes.

      In the 90’s it was Thai Boxing…then BJJ, then MMA – everyone started grappling and everyone was a grappler. Which always gave me a chuckle – 30 minutes once a week does not a grappler make.

      You know better than most what happens in combat. And it ain’t chop socky.

    • YEP!!! Fight like Tarzan in the ring and Jane in the street.

    • Damian you just made my day; you are right on point. I have been saying the same thing about Air Force PJ’s, the martial arts meant to promote nationalist pride of the various countries, etc.., for 30 years. I had the opportunity to hang out & workout with some South Korean Special Forces while I was over there 30 some years ago. The way they/we trained then was more like “SDTS”; not a martial art.

      • Thanks! When you get down to it – a fight is a fight and you do whatever gives you the tactical advantage at the time. Training is about developing that mindset to look for those opportunities and then developing the skill to perform them.

        It all starts to look the same at some point. We are humans with only so many natural weapons fighting humans with only so many vulnerable target areas.

        I remember one of my first karate tournaments as a kid. There were many styles – TKD, Kung Fu, Karate – but when it came to sparring…it all looked the same.

        Sure there was some dancing and different stances in the beginning – but that was just posturing. When the fight started it all became the same stance and the same technique.

        The “rules” dictate the style.

        UFC was no different. But then this is something we’ve known since the first boxer fought the first wrestler.

    • Perfect.

    • Thanks Damian. If it ain’t simple, quick, easy-to-learn” under stress- forget it.
      If it doesn’t work for disabled, old folks, moms, kids, students, quickly- forget it.
      Under stress your training will show out real quick. And you’ll notice how much (a lot!) evaporates.
      In other words, kill or be killed!
      True self-defense is illogical, irrational and SUDDEN!

    • Excellent article Damian!

      I trained in Krav Maga while in Law Enforcement. I thought that Krav and PPCT were life savers since that’s the only types of training I received. In some areas it was effective, but now training and instructing with SDC my view has completely changed.

      Thanks for another great read!

    • Dear Damian . I am Ronny Romano an Elite Membership of the STDS . I Like to Know what your Opinion about Russell Stutely Fighting System and what is the Difference between your System and Russell Stutely Fighting System because Russell Stutely is the best Pressure Point Fighting Expert in the World and he has a System of Learning his Type of Fighting System that he has designed a Black Belt Karate System that will teach People how to Fight in the Streets because you said the Martial Arts is designed for keeping in Good Shape and in your Honest Opinion Would purchasing Russells Fighting System be Good For Street Fighting ? I Would Like to ask you if you thing Fight Fast is a Good Fighting System That would Help me to defend myself in the Streets If I was attacked . Fight Fast was Founded by Bob Pierce as you well know and would you Mind sending me an E Mail to Answer my Questions in your Spare Time . Thank you for your Time . Ronny Romano

      • Hi Ronnie – I’ve talked to Russell in the past and I have no idea on the specifics of his program. So what I’m going to say next is NOT about Russell or what he teaches since I don’t know – but I will talk about pressure points and how they are taught in martial arts based on my personal experience.

        Other than the known, general target areas as discussed in SDTS Module 1 which work on everyone, all of the time.

        The thing about lesser pressure points and other pain compliance is that they don’t work on people who are:

        Adrenalized with fight or flight stress (SNS activation)
        Under the influence
        Emotionally disturbed persons
        A large percentage of the population who lesser pressure points don’t work.

        At the end of the day, you use WEAPONS to make up for your lack of physical abilities.

        Believe me, there is no secret spot on the human body you can hit to knock them out – you already know them.

    • Hi Ronny,

      Fight Fast (Bob Pierce) is not a fighting system. They have brought out some great information from lots of “Bad Asses”. However, all of these guys (and ladies) were/are at the top of there game. They have been and/or still are Special Operatives, Seasoned Military Fighters, Body Guards, etc.., like Damian has mentioned on several occasions chances are a big majority of the population will never become like they are. You can not go wrong with SDTS; it is a complete system for anyone 8 to 80.

      • That’s right Rob – I should have commented on that, but I didn’t.

        Fight Fast has been selling self videos for decades. Basically it works like this:

        They come up with a concept – build a sales letter and film a quick video. I forget the guy who writes the copy – but he’s been doing it for decades.

        I’ve been in the direct marketing of martial arts and self defense video business since 2002 – these guys were doing it before me.

        I know “marketing” is a dirty word, but without it – none of this would have happened.

    • Right – that book is by Fairbairn…a pretty popular guy around here.

    • Since I found SDTS I have no such worries about other styles. They are of no use to me whatsoever. I made a willing and conscious choice to trust SDTS in any situation that may arise and I’ll stick with it.

      As for Israel’s defense capabilities, let me just quote this:
      “When in fact the only thing keeping Israel safe is superior firepower, intelligence and…umm…the United States and other allies.”
      And that is the real truth. US backing. Without it, no Krav Maga would help Israelis.

    • Don’t know who wrote this but they are grossly misinformed.
      I trained with Israeli solders in the 70’s. Their fighting style is very effective
      and Tae Kwon Do or any of the other fighting arts come close.

    • As usual Damien, on point. My close friend just opened a Premier Martial Arts Dojo and part of the marketing is Krav Mana and BJJ along with MMA. I have watched his classes, he knows very little about self defense and I struggle to keep my mouth shut. It’s all about the money which is why I walked away years ago. Fine motor skills are lost in an attack scenario. It comes down to fear management and if you haven’t trained yourself to recognize the adrenaline dump and use it to fuel you instead of freeze you you’re fucked.
      If you haven’t trained with improvised weapons you’re fucked. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. SDTS shows a chair being used in a knife encounter in its 60 minute video. There’s more knowledge in 60 minutes than there is in years of training in any Martial Arts.

    • I have studied a few martial arts–and I’m a big fan of yours, but I have to say you are off-base on this article about Krav Maga. Of course every style is dependent on the teacher, and we happen to have some excellent instructors here in NYC. They DO teach to defend against a knife with a chair, or any object at hand, and we often did drills with briefcases and backpacks. The reason they use the Israeli army as a selling point is that in Israel EVERY KID SERVES, so they need something that can be learned fast and uses natural, instinctive behaviors. Krav Maga is based on muscle-memory; doing something over and over until it becomes automatic. I was not a big fan of the fancier weapon defenses (as shown in the photo at the top of this page), but for the most part it is a simple, practical and aggressive style that is practiced with a lot of contact sparring and ground fighting.

      • Thanks for posting – but what you’re describing can be found in most ANY martial arts school in the US.

        Sparring and grappling – not self defense. Unless you’re actually attacking your partner with the intent to injure or kill – I realize you’re not, and that’s my point. While there’s a small benefit for physical contact, those sports are still governed by CONTROL and SAFETY and instill BAD HABITS.

        So they “kids” are taught something that can be learned FAST and is INSTINCTIVE.

        How long does it take to get a black belt? And why do they even have black belts?

        Finally – and this is my point – THEY ARE NOT USING HAND TO HAND SKILLS TO FIGHT THE ENEMY.

    • First off Israel is brutally occupying a people and using krav on women and children is nothing uo be proud of. Years ago some krav guys came to my kung fu school looking for flight time (as we called challenge in those days) After our intermediate students wiped them all over the floor with very little effort we offered them some free lessons…..of course they left embarrassed instead never to be seen again…..Krav for me
      Is a joke and only the niece fall for it.

    • My experience training military and LEO is out there and speaks for itself.

      And I guess you don’t comment on:

      The Presidency
      Professional Sports

      Based on your “stay in your lane” position – the only people who can comment on those topics are Presidents, Professional Athletes and Politicians.

      At the end of the day -when you’re speaking to the general public you communicate in terms they understand not industry jargon that changes with every new command.

      And finally, I have to call bullshit on “finding what I say useful” the real stuff is inside.

      Oh and if you’re going to claim military service – you better post some form of military ID, DD-214 or something that say who you are. Right now you’re just someone calling himself KEVIN.

      Thanks for stopping by and please continue to enjoy the free stuff.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Why the need for the hate? We all should have the same goal. That is to provide a skill set to others. There is rich American heritage being offered to Americans from Rex Applegate, to Charles Nelson, to Carl Cestari, and to Damian Ross. True enough Damion may come across a little rasp, harsh and/or even arrogant, but who hasn’t at one point in their life; he is passionate about what he does as are you. I do not know you, but I assume you have something to offer too, so offer it. There are nearly 9 billion people on the planet; plenty for everyone desiring to teach others how to live. As for me, I have experience in the military, Law enforcement, Security, Bouncer, etc.., but who the fuck cares, I surely do not; It is overrated anyhow. What matters is what can we share with/offer to others; children, teens, adults, family, community, etc.,, to help them persevere in difficult times.

    • HA – Kevin Morgan you’re a fake, phony and a fraud – anyone with a fake facebook account is a TROLL.


      You’ve been on my list since October, just sucking op free stuff and waiting to post ANYTHING – point is the military was given a compliment in my post and that’s what you chose to attack.

      People like you are cowards and should never be taken seriously.

    • Anyway great post Damian I really enjoyed it as I have all your posts you talk a lot of sense and you really do know your stuff when it comes to practical effective self defence and what would work etc as for Krav Maga if someone feels that that’s the system for them that’s awesome I’m sure it does give are Israeli brothers and sisters some national pride too personally I think its awesome if they feel its right for them but for me I’ve found SDTS the best system for me seems more suitable for me as a individual each to there own I suppose anyway great posts as always

  • Intense hunger for quick fixes to mass murder is not just an American challenge. There is a global search for answers to this horror. Amid the suggested big-game solutions for mass murders, we’re missing the s Boston Marathon Attack

    • As usual good stuff Damien.

    • At her own school safety forum, San Diego’s District Attorney recently reported, ”In 93% of school shootings, [the shooters] said something, and told someone what they planned on doing. In 70% of cases, they told two people.” Referring to those confidants, “It’s a moral responsibility to tell someone.”

    • james replied 4 weeks ago

      J.D.L.R. – Just Doesn’t Look Right? REPORT IT

    • Hes absolutely right.

    • Yup. Details. They always matter. I was at a counter terrorism session a few years ago where the senior LE officer said the department’s ideal citizen is “Gladys Kravitz,” the snooping neighbor in the old TV show Bewitched. Maybe we can find a balance.

  • Dave‘s profile was updated 1 month ago

  • The last school fire that killed more than 10 people was March 31, 1954 in Cheektowaga, NY (15 dead). NFPA Website HERE.There were 8 total school fires from 1937 to 1954 that claimed the lives of 755 students, School Security 392

    • Agree completely. We need to take stronger preventative measures at schools when it comes to our children. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Well said Damian. IT is tragic that more has not been done to fortify the schools and get better security (i.e. armed security at the high schools). Every time I go to my sons high school, I am identifying weaknesses in protection. If I can do this, I am certain someone else can too! And I am prior military! Perhaps it should be left up to the people how to better protect our children and our schools. As we have all witnessed lately, the feds seem to be in over their heads.

    • Very well said Damien,

    • I teach a certified seminar on Countering the Mass Shooter Threat. Some facets of the solution are obvious – safety plans, locks, vigilance, school resource officer or other security, etc. Some potent features of our overall solution are not as obvious, but better in the long run. Damian, your point is right on, although school management is not likely to change its structure. We need to educate the educators.

      • There are two solutions – immediate safety and security and long term prevention.

        Immediate safety and security is easy – we know how to do it. It just takes money and acceptance.

        In addition to your plan – BODY ARMOR needs to be part of that solution. Teachers and administrators should have PPE – just like firefighters and cops. I bet you more people got shot at the Parkland School than the history of the Law Enforcement in the town.

        The second part of the issue is cultural. It has to do with everything from bullying, social media, medication and who know what else – to be honest, I don’t think we can change it.

        Finally, there’s the gun issue. There are 300,000,000 million guns in this country. They’re not going away – enforcing the laws is the issue. Enforce age limits or up the age to 26 (since most school killers are between the ages of 15-25).

        Securing schools better is a problem we can fix.

    • Dave replied 1 month ago

      I get the people who want to live in a world without guns and violence against children. But that’s not the world we have. What you’re recommending doesn’t require us to change the world or human nature. Serious school security could be implemented next week or, at the latest, next month. And once we do it, our children would be immediately safer. That has to be job one.

      When we’ve hardened the schools and staffed them with security professionals, then we can talk about mental illness, gaming, fatherless families, and all the other potential causes of these acts of violence. Once our schools are secure and our children are safe, then we can take on those things…not before.

      Thanks for the straight shot of clarity, Damien.

    • I have a question…the 17 year old who shot up the school in Great Mills, MD today, did it with a handgun.

      Who owns the firearm?

      The minimum age to purchase and possess a handgun in Maryland is 21.

      The Maryland law also says that:

      A person “may not store or leave a loaded firearm in a location where the person knew or should have known that an unsupervised child would gain access to the firearm.”1 This section does not apply if:

      The child’s access is supervised by an individual age 18 or older;
      The child’s access was obtained as a result of unlawful entry;
      The firearm is in the possession or control of a law enforcement officer while the officer is engaged in official duties; or
      The child has a certificate of firearm and hunter safety.2
      State administrative regulations may impose storage requirements in certain locations.

      Child Access Prevention in Maryland

      This doesn’t mention handguns, just firearms.

      I assume it’s the parents and unless the kid broke into the gun safe, shouldn’t the parents be facing criminal charges?

      Forget the “signs he was crazy” but just from a firearm ownership perspective.

      Shouldn’t there be some responsibility on the gun owner?

    • How Many Dead is it Going to Take? Good question. I’m thinking that those on the left would rather allow the problem to fester so it gets so bad that people will demand a total confiscation of all firearms. Classic Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. :-(

    • Damien, I like your common sense approach to this tragic situation. People can scream all day long about outlawing guns, finding ways to circumvent 2nd amendment rights, vilifying the NRA, and even if those who are opposed to gun rights had their way, it would not fix this problem. I’ll bet you a $1.98 that if guns were outlawed nationwide, the lawless in this country would still obtain weapons illegally through a black market. Having those who are paid to protect us (the police, the national guard) secure our school is the fastest, best and most effective solution.

      • Heroin and methamphetamine are illegal. Yet in every high school you can find someone who can get you hooked up.

        Outlawing it does not work.

    • So what am I going to do and what can you do…

      Well, I’m not talking to the school board, I’m going over their heads.

      It’s time to pass legislation and have a mandate that says –

      Schools need a safety audit and an outline plan of implementation by specific dates.

      I’m really over simplifying this, but the point is – schools aren’t going to do anything until the state tells them to do it.

      Sunday we’re having a meet and greet at our Republican club – there I’m going to speak with our local assemblywoman who actually went to school with my wife.

      We’ll see – but the one thing politicians love to do is sponsor legislature. That’s where the fight has to start.

      The teacher’s unions want this. The parents want this and the students want this.

      If you go to your local school board it’s going to end there and you’re not going to get anywhere.

    • I appreciate your input, but it’s not that simple.

      First, controlling the points of entry are part of it – but how are the doors to be locked?

      If they’re locked from the inside, someone can let anyone in from the inside or simply prop the door open and come back later.

      Locked or chained from both sides presents a fire and a shooter hazzard.

      If a shooter breaches the main entrance, or any entrance and the doors are locked, IT WILL BE A KILLING FIELD.

      You need to fortify schools with bulletproof glass, metal detectors, SROs, BPP for staff as well as giving them first responder tools like webbing, celox, glass breaker, bear spray among other things.

      No – it’s not as simple as locking the doors.

    • Home School the children instead & make SDC part of the curriculum.

      • Yeah….not a big fan of homeschooling – now I’m not a developmental psychology expert but in my personal experience – school for better for worse provides certain socialization skills you can’t provide at home.

        Rob, from the very brief time I’ve “known” you – I think you will agree…the problem with these kids is their lack of coping skills.

        Everyone gets a trophy.
        Everyone is special.
        There are no wrong answers.

        We all need a little “law of the jungle” – it’s in our DNA. It’s what tells us we’re not all going to be president, Bill Gates or MVP of the NFL.

        So…this is another problem and we need to adapt…until the next thing comes along.

    • It appears the pendulum may have swung to the other side since I was in school. When I went to school it was to actually learn; get an education. We got our meaningful social inter action in community organizations; 4-H, Scouting, Explorers, Venturing, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, etc.., Now days it seems like it is about socializing, texting, snap chatting, sex, drugs, modeling, sports, etc.., Perhaps it is were I lived & grew up, which was in the country with plenty of outdoors; on a farm.

    • Like I said…I’m not a developmental psych expert :).

      The issue is we can’t have academics providing tactical solutions. The cops at the college are a bandaid. In a few days, they’ll be gone and it’s business as usual.

      I know, you know it and the killer knows it.

    • Damian its like yousay in the training course. The gun is not the weapon its just a tool. The real weapon is the sick bastard using it to kill children with. Yet after every such incident the debate rages on about guns. I think it just gives most people the feeling that maybe there is something they can do about it. Its really not even a rational argument. It seems to me the most pressing issue is why all these defective sickos just seem to be coming out of the woodwork. That’s much more frightening to me than the number of guns out there.

    • Perfect!

    • The root cause of the madness is PLANETARY OVER POPULATION and UNCONTROLLED CHILDBIRTH.
      Over 190 countries, over 7100 languages & over 1,000,000 people immigrating to the USA every year.
      The infrastructures of America: economics, agriculture, housing, transportation, LAW ENFORCEMENT, water, education (SCHOOLS), etc.., can not sustain the “EFFECT” of the “CAUSE”; OVER POPULATION !
      Until that changes every responsible individual on the planet needs to learn & practice self defense.

    • So now they will give 18-inch ball bats to teachers. Think about this.
      First, what type of people become school teachers? Usually not the kickboxer, special forces types . . .
      Next, you are going to give a small ball bat to a teacher, then tell them to charge an armed gunman with a small ball bat.
      Please understand: the Army Special Forces (SF) are all teachers, but in a very different setting. We contact the indigenous people, convince them we are there to help them, then teach them commando tactics. A few SF veterans have done it, but most SF vets don’t teach kindergarten or home ec.
      Finally, are you going to charge a gunman with a small baseball bat? I think Damian has some better suggestions. Log into your STDS pages and see the better solutions.

  • Yes you can train without the knife hand. Having said that the edge of hand does hold some significant advantages over the hammer fist when it comes into fitting into certain targets ie the neck, inner thighs etc. When training, you will find the strikes you like best and train them to become instinctive and convulsive. Everyone’s tool kit may…[Read more]

  • Everytime you carry your firearm you’re accepting the responsibility to use deadly force – which is something I believe most gun owners take seriously. But what’s hard to believe is that most of them don’t take Bodyguard Tactical Jacket

    • Wear my jacket everywhere I go. Highly recommended.

      • Yep – now it’s just something I wear. Feel kind of naked w/o it. Just got one for my buddy who’s a hogh school principal.

    • LOL – In my state & surrounding ones, temps in the summer hang in the upper 80s & 90s, incidental days can hit triple digits. U walk into some place here, wearing a coat, let alone one zipped up, u are likely to be shot on sight as a terrorist! ;) A “sweat hog” like me, they’d be calling the EMS.

      • Jim replied 1 month ago

        I’m in Florida, I’d have the same problem. Very few days a jacket is required. It would be unbearable in the summer.

      • You can’t expect to wear bp and not have discomfort. After all, you’re wearing body armor.

        That being said this set up is good to 80 degrees.

        We’re also coming out with a vest to put over this.

    • Unfortunately I live in a very warm place. I wish there would be someting lighter.

  • Charleston, Huntington, Logan WV

  • Action is faster than reaction and in the real world, split seconds count and standing there, waiting for him to “throw the first punch” against a real dangerous person is a HUGE mistake.

    Well in this episode POD Copy

    • Great webinar Damian. This material is very important and unfortunately seldom covered properly. Awareness should ALWAYS be the very first step when it comes to self defense.

    • I did have a question from Rob who wanted to explain this tactic to his family (without making them listen to the 20 minute webinar – and I can’t blame them).

      The answer is simple – teach them the golden rule.

      Make sure your threat is far enough away from you where they have to take a step to touch you.

      By managing your distance, you’ll be able to tell their intentions.

      You can see the practice drills and instruction for this in SDTS Module 1 Position and Distance.

      The SDTS > https://damianr.clickfunnels.com/self-defense-training-system-7-day-trial

    • Distance, this is something, no one is teaching, and now i can see that
      this is very important, to remember.
      Damian, and George, THANK YOU, naseef

    • Right – in fact it’s the MOST important. in order for someone to impose their will on you they must get close you…PERIOD. Yet “experts” will always ignore it and go right to the attack.

      You need to have the RED LIGHT go off before he gets close.

    • ???

    • Hey Mark, I understand – but I’m passionate about this and well – I speak what I feel brother.

    • That’s the SDTS way!!!

      Use anything to get the job done.

      One of my favorite Musashi quotes is “it’s regrettable to die with your sword still in your scabbard.”

      My interpretation is – if you have it, use it!!

      What some people don’t realize that the “sword saint” of Japan was a dirty SOB and used many tricks to kill his enemies.

      In his famous battle with Kojiro he made the guy wait for over a day when he finally showed up – the guy was so pissed off and out of his game that he was able to kill Kojiro using a wooden oar he had split in half (I’m paraphrasing here -but he didn’t use a sword).

      When he was to fight Yoshika (the 12 year old head of the Yoshika Clan) he suspected an ambush. so Mushashi arrived early and when the clan set up their ambush, he found the youngster’s hiding place and cut his head clean off.

      There’s a decent synopsis of his duals here: http://www.historyoffighting.com/miyamoto-musashi.php

      Like the old west, martial arts have created this “romantic image” of what fights are or should be, but in reality – real warriors were only concerned with one thing when your life’s on the line – WINNING.

      The rest of this BS came when they started writing books and poetry.

    • Perhaps a bit off topic Damian, but the above shows the difference between being a “sheep” and being a “Sheep Dog”…. Perhaps you may be able to use this short clip to instill confidence in those who may need a small “boost” now and then… David.

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