• We don’t…sort of…

    Guardian Police Combtives is a LEO, security program.
    Protector CSI is for citizens who are in the aid of LEO and Security or find themselves in a situation where they need to act like one (from active shooter to your drunk brother-in-law arguing with your sister) or a couple of friends who had a little too much to drink -…[Read more]

  • Hello Damian. I like to ask a question if you didnt mind? I love your system and your logical approach which is still best all around I seen yet for self protection. And I love the police combatives. So anyways I been having this debate iabout teaching civilians and Leo, security etc the same. My opinion is why the main stay of self protection…[Read more]

  • How Does Body Armor Stop a Bullet?
    Body armor can mean the difference between life and death. A round shot from a .44 Magnum handgun travels at speeds reaching 1,500 feet per second and delivers an impact of Street Inside 3

  • We let people from 15 to 50, 5 feet to 6 foot 6 try out the Bodyguard Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack for the first time and this is what happened (except for Self Defense Company Founder Damian Ross…he’s tried 148 BP 6 6 18

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  • The Self Defense Company is proud to announce that NEW Instructor Robert Canlas is teaching the Self Defense Training System™ in Maryland
    To contact Instructor Canlas GO HERE 3. Instructor Training

    • Welcome to the team.

    • Congratulations Robert!

    • Congratulations Robert! I welcome your many years of experience and wisdom to SDTS.

    • Dear Robert: I am Bernie McPherson. Like you, I explored many martial arts and systems. I can verify your choice: SDTS is the best self defense system ever!! And we have the confidence of combat veterans, like me, that confirm the integrity of a system based on combat experience. SDTS is based on the works of Fairbairn, Applegate and Cestari. This is a rock solid foundation! Welcome!

  • I’m going save you a lot of time and aggravation.
    The sooner you come to this realization the better off you’ll be. 
    I don’t talk about this in public too much, only to Elite Members, but it’s the one thing t I Will Win Not Immediately But Definitely Inspirational Quote

    • “You’re helpless watching that person you love becoming a victim of your worst nightmare in the WORST WAY.



      …You have been successful before and you will be again, NOW!

      Attack, attack, attack – don’t let that feeling of failure and frustration creep in – you have been successful, you will be successful.”

      I don’t think that I have any additional questions about knife defense, if you get my point. Going to the dark place and effing up anything and everything in front of me. Then turn to a human being again.
      Thanks Damien!

    • Jerry replied 4 weeks ago

      Excellent imagery-feeling mind training to engage and connect heart-brain neuronal pathways so that we can quickly “unleash” the raw power of our self-defense skills If and WHEN needed. Extreme fear results in either Freeze, Flight, or Fight. “Freeze” will likely result in our own and/or loved ones’ injury or death during a serious situation. So it is essential to learn the time tested techniques of the SDTS, but Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit training all work together for the best result! A great post Damian!

    • In a Nutshell! Well said Damien! Well said!

    • I like your post a lot. However, is it reasonable for me to go into total bear rage and completely beat someone to a pulp if they are just playing the stupid bully and shoving me? Is that not an over-reaction? Is there any place for a graded self-defence in your opinion – or is it always ‘Go to 11!’

      • Phil, if you see an unknown person(s) with unknown intentions approaching you (especially in a vulnerable area), would you allow him or them to get close without establishing a boundary and/or increasing the distance away from them? If you wait to discover his or their true intentions, it may be too damn late. Situational awareness and avoidance are #1 self-defense skills. If you have given strong signals (by verbal commands and hand gestures) for them to STOP their approach, AND they continue towards you, “it could get bad, real quick”, so we MUST act. In such a case, prudent self-defense logic requires us to run to escape (if possible), and if not, then to “pull the trigger” with preemptive defense tactics that give the best survival odds, remembering to run and escape whenever you have the opportunity. The SDTS provides important details on these essential skills that I never received in my past formal martial art trainings.

    • @Phil – The answer to your question is covered in SDTS module 1.

      Training doesn’t turn you into a mindless machine there are a few factors that will indicate what is appropriate.

      Situational awareness dictates the foundation of your action – are you at a dinner party or an empty parking lot?

      Is the target someone you know or a stranger?

      Finally, let’s talk about that innocent “push”… any time there is physical contact you run the risk of getting seriously injured and NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON YOU.

      While the intent may not be overly malicious…it still can and will happen –

      The Defendant responded by pushing the plaintiff who fell down, struck his head on the ground, and suffered a permanent brain injury.”


      Barroom Push leads to accidental Death in Philidelphia

      Homeless man pushes stranger to death

      You need to understand this, any time you let someone use force on you you increase your chances of getting seriously injured or killed.

      Now back it up (and let’s talk REAL SELF DEFENSE – not the nonsense that the attack starts at the push)


      A puff of smoke – did they materialize in front of you and push you?

      Of course not – a series of events occurred that CREATED this situation and a lot of that is going to dictate your response.

      How much latitude you give them – is how much risk you’re willing to take.

      “I didn’t mean to kill him” is often heard from many a defendant.

    • Thx Damian. I like many, was indoctrinated with all kinds of “specific grab defenses” during my formal training, many of which were impractical, too complex, assumed too much about your attacker, unable to accommodate different body characteristics and the many ways we might be grabbed or shoved, so just too high risk to execute in a serious stress situation. Thanks to your pragmatic training, I was able to shed those dangerous ideas, and am never, ever, going to allow anyone to grab me if I can avoid it. If not, and if the situation requires, I will pound the shit out of them from the onset. Too bad that some did not learn to keep their hands to themselves. Your lesson on this topic alone was the best I had ever received from a multitude of past black belt instructors, and one of the best ways to avoid and survive an assault if at all possible! You have all my complete respect and gratitude!

  • A few years ago, the National Association of Gun Owners developed a buyers club to get firearms at cost for it’s members. It’s really simple – pay a low annual membership fee and they sell you the guns and ammo at Screen Shot 2018 01 09 At 9.30.54 AM

  • This group is for people working through or with physical disabilities. Here you can exchange ideas, swap stories, ask questions and provide solutions.

  • If you STOP self defense training and learning because you’re injured then what you’re learning is NOT self defense.

    Let me ask you some questions you already know the answer to…

    Do you think your chances Gettyimages 650494360

    • I didnt qut.

    • Damian, Whether you’re temporarily or permanently injured, like I am, stress this: Keep going, Adapt and Improvise.
      It always starts in the head.
      Training while injured can be a great blessing. Why? Because you’re HUMAN, not some Hollywood fighting immortal!

    • Thank you for this admonition, Damian. It’s timeliness for me is critical. I am small (5’7” 139 lbs), I am older – 62 years old, and I am injured, having just recently had surgery on my right shoulder joint for a torn labrum. I purchased your self defense course and I need to study it and use it.

      • Hey Tom – NOW IS THE TIME – We all get older and stuff is happening to us ALL THE TIME (more on that later). Watch, read, study – ADAPT.

  • Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings recently traveled to Thailand to train, learn and grow his passion and respect for the local fighting art.
    As a Muay Thai Kru, I have also been involved with the MVIMG 20180406 122532

  • sebuice@yahoo.com changed their profile picture 1 month, 3 weeks ago

  • Hey Eric,

    Great question….

    Like anything, your body has to become conditioned to knew things. Exspecially when it involves pain.

    The point of having striking tools is to condition your bodies weapons to get used to impacting something hard. But, you have to ease in to it….For instance, you brought up using the edge of hand technique. Work…[Read more]

  • By Tom Powers – Self Defense Company Instructor/ Cyber security Expert

    Facebook is a great thing, but if configured incorrectly…it gives terrible people WAY too much info about you. Unfortunately, because of Untitled41

    • BTW – this house committee hearing is a JOKE.

    • Dear Tom: This is a very serious issue in our society. This is one reason I am not such an active FB member. The other side of it is personal responsibility: if you don’t want the world to know about it, don’t put it on Facebook. Me? I want everybody to know I go through the STDS modules every year, to insure my skills are sharp! Bernie M.

  • You can purchase them many places…google BLACKJACK BILLY CLUB.

    As for it being legal…that depends. They’re illegal in NJ but I still carry.

    I’ve “made” one with a 6oz fishing weight and double layer of bandanas…not as good, but still OK.

  • Damian,great video on black jack training.Is legal to own, if so, where to purchase? Thanks.

  • An epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan is announcing broad new “knife control” policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Khan

    • I wish…it’s been picked up by every major news source.

    • For years, Brits carrying any implement in public without a good reason (such as a screwdriver) are subject to questioning or arrest. Americans who think that complete global disarmament is not a goal are deceived. But, it’s going to be difficult to duct-tape our bare hands. Rah, Damain!

    • We’ve had knife problems in London for over 60 years and the increase in knife crime since guns were outlawed. Khan instigated the reduction of “Stop and Search” because they were inherently racist. Now bringing them back. This is the consequence of serious flaws in the lack of rights to defend one self. Let’s check a few facts: criminals carry knives and and or guns. Citizens don’t. 10% of all murders in the England and Wales involved firearms. The rate of body harm from assault are over ten times higher than the USA. Why – UK citizens have very little options when comes to self defense. This is what we need to avoid at all costs here in the USA.

    • PC politicians suffer from brain damage caused by head insertion into a tight sphincter, either their own or somebody else’s. To depend on them for our safety means we do the same. Teddy Roosevelt left us with some words of wisdom that I think are inherent in the SDTS,

      Speak softly and CARRY A BIG STICK; you will go far.
      Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but NEVER HIT SOFT!

      Our safety is our responsibility! I am grateful to the SDTS for making our safety more likely!

    • So the criminals, who do not obey the law now, will obediently obey the ‘no knives’ law?
      To paraphrase the proverb: “When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives.”
      And, if more people die from automobile fatalities, we should outlaw automobiles . . .
      They cannot take away my hands, feet or head. Let’s refine those tools. Bernie M.

    • There are micro versions & macro versions of having situational awareness. It is not all conspiracy theory; some of it is conspiracy fact. There is a concerted effort by powerful & well funded groups to disarm the common people. The goal is to only have military, LEO’s and terrorists / criminals armed.

  • On Wednesday, 28 March, 2018, the West Maypole Avenue Church of Christ was having a Bible study that started at 7:30 p.m. At 8:09 p.m., the study was interrupted by 27-year-old Kenneth Baines, who announced an a Church Security Maypole Chicago Church Of Christ

  • Hey Lee,

    First, your actions were completely effective. After all – nothing was done.

    Second, don’t take this stuff personally. It’s not about you and it’s ALL about them.

    They’re having a BAD DAY, their LIFE SUCKS and they decide to take it out on the next person they pass by.

    Finally, let’s talk about how you present yourself to the…[Read more]

  • Hey Lee,

    First, your actions were completely effective. After all – nothing was done.

    Second, don’t take this stuff personally. It’s not about you and it’s ALL about them.

    They’re having a BAD DAY, their LIFE SUCKS and they decide to take it out on the next person they pass by.

    Finally, let’s talk about how you present yourself to the…[Read more]

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