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There’s a great photo essay on the World Adaptive Surfing Championships in the Player’s Tribune. Each year competitors from all over the world with disabilities from blindness to missing limbs compete in this special surfing championship.

These amazing people have a common desire, to surf.  Regardless of their affliction, they’ve adapted their current physical state to accomplish this task.

Now think of this in terms of SELF DEFENSE.

Your need for self defense is CONSTANT, but your physical and mental assets change from day to day.

As you get older, or injured you become MORE VULNERABLE and more attractive to predators. As humans we have good days and bad – sometimes we get a little out of shape (or a heck of a lot). You’re not a machine, it happens. 

True self defense is a skill that needs to change with your current state of readiness.

When think you “need to get in shape” or you’re “too old” then need to change what you consider self defense to be because what you’re thinking of really isn’t self defense at all – it’s a fighting art or combat sport which requires a higher level of fitness and athleticism.

Self defense needs to work in YOUR WORLD, right now.

Do you think THIS 94 year old woman in florida who defended herself against multiple attackers was some sort of MMA, Ninja master >> Story HERE 

Or this 86 year old grandma who used BACON to defeat a thief >>Story HERE

Of course not – they simply decided NOT to become a victim and ADAPTED what they had to fight back!

Adaptation begins with a simple YES or NO answer – YES you’re going to do it or NO you’re not. 

After that you do whatever it takes to make it work…because you’re done making excuses. 

There are hundreds of reasons NOT to do something, and only one reason TO DO something. 

Successful people focus on the goal, unsuccessful people focus on the problems. 

When it comes to self defense people always have the same excuses: 

No time.

No money. 

No ability. 

…until they have a close call or worse -they’re a victim of a brutal attack. Then they suddenly find the time and the money and more importantly – the WILL to make it happen. 

It shouldn’t matter if you’re training on your smartphone or in person – just get it done. Make it happen…ADAPT. Make yourself FIT your circumstances, because you can’t make your circumstances FIT you. 

Train Honestly, 





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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Awesome points! I fall into that trap sometimes… feeling like I need to drop some pounds, bench more weight, etc and “then” I’ll be able to. But the reality is, I’m capable *right now*, and we all are. Would being in better shape give an even better advantage? Sure. Pushing more weight? Sure. But even at absolute peak physical performance, we won’t be able to stay there forever. One guy I always wanted to see coming into a fight with me was overweight, had foot issues and back issues. But he would jump in, take charge, and sort shit out. It wasn’t his physical shape (although he did have one crazy grip). But he had studied various defensive arts and was willing to do whatever it took. He was a badass. Something we are all capable of by continually studying and applying the SDTS principles. Thanks Damian!

    1. Thanks Sean. This is a really important post and I’m glad you found it.

      There’s a large part of human nature to think that we’re just not good enough and the other person always has it “easier.” But we all know that most everyone has shit to deal with.

      If you look at most any success story – it’s the person who didn’t dwell on what they didn’t have, but rather what they have right now.

      How is it that one kid from a broken and poor home makes it and the other winds up in jail?

      All things being considered – at the root of it all a decision is made that you are going to do it. While the other is looking at reasons they can’t do it.

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