Autism Fights Back!

Autism Fights Back!

Eric Kreutzer and his son Kevin train in the Self Defense Training System. But what makes this father and son team special, is that Kevin is autistic.

According to Eric, “For years I’ve been trying to help Kevin (age 30) have more confidence and get in better shape. He has many fears and I try to work with him, he’s also overweight, so I’m concerned about his health as well.” 

That’s when Eric discovered the Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

“We watch the lessons and practice the drills together. He’s starting to lose weight and his confidence is starting to rise!”

Eric is certain others in similar situations can use the SDTS to increase their ability to connect with their children and enable them to meet the world face to face with confidence.

“Kevin and I have a very good working relationship to add to our mutual love for each other. Kevin is now able to look people in the eyes with less fear than ever before.”

Picture above, Eric (left) and Kevin (right) practice the “Lion Tamer Chair” knife defense from Module 8 of The Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

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  1. I have TWO teen aged sons with autism. The last thing I need in my life is for them to be able to kick my ass, LOL!

  2. Developing a passionate interest can become a life changer, provide new meaning, goals, and a sense of direction. Step by step, day after day, with support and encouragement, progress, setbacks, and more progress, Kevin’s continued hard work and honest efforts can earn real accomplishments never thought possible. More importantly, Kevin can re-define his personal identity, boost his self-worth and self-respect, like a smile that starts from deep inside, and shines bright on the outside with new confidence. This is a beautiful story of father-son love, dedication, courage, and transformation, thanks to Eric’s belief in the potentials of his precious son, and Damian’s SDST. I love it!

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