How to Avoid a Vehicle Ramming Attack

How to Avoid a Vehicle Ramming Attack

This latest vehicle ramming attack in Charlottesville, Va. is just one of many that have come to inflict mass casualties on innocent victims. 

It should come at no surprise that cars and trucks are being used to kill innocent people in large numbers. This latest trend 

They’re readily available. They’re not illegal to own or operate and they require little or NO SKILL to inflict mass damage. Vehicle ramming offers terrorists with limited access to explosives or weapons an opportunity to conduct a homeland attack with minimal prior training or experience.

These attacks can easily be carried out by lone-wolf terrorists who have little or no funding at all. In fact, it’s my belief that this is exactly the time of mass violence that you’re going to see more of in the future. 

All you need is a crowd of people and vehicle access. 

Below are a few simple tips to avoid becoming a victim.

Avoiding large crowds, demonstrations and protest marches are obvious choices. But for some people of us who go on vacation, commute to work or you just find yourself in a large crowd, if you implement these precautions, you can increase your chance of survival. 

  1. Avoid walking where vehicles can travel. 
    Obvious, I know, but walking down the middle of the street puts you in the center of the vehicle’s destructive path.Unless there are cement barriers protecting you, DO NOT walk in the middle of the road. 
  2. Stay to the OUTSIDE of the crowd.
    Terrorists want a body count and they’re going to get it where the most people are located. Walk the edge of the crowd and don’t be the ‘center of attention’. 
  3. Keep covered.
    Walking on the edge means you’re close to buildings, utility poles, parked cars, alleyways and any other obstructions that will impede the vehicle’s path and afford you protection. Be aware of these areas at all times and be ready to move your self and your loved ones to safety at the first sign of trouble. 
  4. Head on a swivel.
    If you’re in a crowd and you have to cross a roadway…please pay attention. Just like you did when you first learned to cross the street. Keep looking both ways until you’re in a safer place. 

This isn’t complicated and you don’t need to “train it” you just need to “remember it” so next time you’re walking around imagine a vehicle bearing down on you – where would you go? How would you find cover and get out of the kill path of the vehicle? 

This habit of running through scenarios is what we call “mind-setting”. This goes a LONG way to keeping you aware and out of harm’s way. 

And if you’re protesting keep in mind your chances of being attacked are MULTIPLIED since you are part of a defined group that some crack pot would love to take off the count. 

Be smart, stay safe and above all…

Train Honestly,




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  1. Good reminders, serious food for thought, as these attacks are going to continue. Our world has changed, getting more like life in Israel, ANY USA citizen can become a target, and discussions like these can save lives. Thank you for ALL the comments.

  2. Well thought out ,described and taught. Another reason why The Self Defence Company is at the top . Well done Damian and the rest of the crew.

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