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"Build a Profitable and Rewarding
Self Defense business in your Spare Time
for a Fraction of the Cost
of Traditional Start Up Business with this Proven, Multi-stream Income Program."

I made over $80K last year with the Self Defense Company Instructor Program. All you need to do is follow the steps, listen to your mentor and add some good old fashioned work and you will be successful." - Jim Nichols, Self Defense Company Instructor, Winchester, Ohio
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This is not just a training and certification program, it is a turnkey business that has changed people's lives both financially and emotionally.

  • Scientifically Proven Self Defense Training Programs
  • Association with the most Respected Name in the Self Defense World
  • Complete Business Building and Marketing Systems
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • 24-7 support
  • Your Personal Mentor to Guide You through the Process from Beginning, Middle to End
  • All Curriculums, lesson plans done for you
  • No brick and mortar location required
  • No Experience Required

There’s Nothing More Rewarding than helping live with confidence and protect what matters most in their lives. At that point, it’s much more than just a business…it’s a calling.

My name is Damian Ross and I’ve been helping people just like you build successful self defense businesses since 2002 and if you’re looking to do something that has a real impact on your community as then you’ve come to the right place.

The Martial Arts Model is Limited

The truth is, most people don’t have time for martial arts. It demands long hours of training over several years that most people can’t fit into their schedules. However, most people can train for a few weeks at a time and then fit training in when they have a few minutes here and there. As a Self Defense Company Instructor, you’ll be able to give them the tools to practice with you and when they’re away from you.

Martial arts require stamina, skill, power and above all, years of training that most adults simply don’t have. Most people have a few hours here and there for a few weeks and then life gets in the way.

The good news is there is a proven method to teach people in less than half the time and legitimately build their skills using a scientific system of self defense combined with a modern learning platform that combines live instruction and on demand video training.

“This program is the most technically comprehensive training and business program on the market. I have reviewed and participated in the most popular and the Self Defense Company Instructor Program is, hands down the best of the best. The best training and the best business building and coaching platform. I became a Self Defense Company Instructor in 2011 and now, I’m the Director of Instructor Development.”

– George Hutchings, Barrie, Ontario, Canada – Self Defense Company Instructor since 2011

How Many Martial Arts Millionaires Do You Know?

I know of one in my area and then a few guys are earning living with the rest barely keeping the lights on. Unless you’re willing to invest in a high profile location with lots of parking, you’re not going to be doing extremely well.

However, if you look at the personal trainer model and combine that with the remote teaching capabilities you will be able to build a profitable business without signing a lease or worrying about enrollments and renewals.

If you have an existing school or gym you’re going to be able to expand your reach to literally millions of people who need self defense but don’t want martial arts.

Because – Not everyone wants martial arts, but everyone needs self defense.

Time to change the way you think of how you teach martial arts and bring it into the 21st Century.

How you learn martial arts is antiquated. It demands you get to class and depending on what the instructor is teaching that night, it might be weeks until you get to really concentrate on what you need to know. Plus in a 60 minute class with 10 people maybe he can spend 6 minutes helping you. Then you’re expected to remember what you learned for the next time you can get to class…NO WONDER IT TAKES YEARS TO GET A BLACK BELT.

The word of mouth method used to teach martial arts is the same as it was in feudal Japan. Imagine if you went to school and weren’t given any books or any homework (you wish). If that were the case you would probably still be in 8th grade!

You Will Teach People Self Defense in a Fraction of the Time.

First of all, this is JUST self defense. No forms, no sport, no ceremony, no trophies, no sparring, and no egos. It is only mission specific self defense.

Next, it’s a progressive learning system. Once they learn the primary tactics and strikes, they learn how to apply them to any situation. It’s like you’re giving them the key to unlock the self defense puzzle. No hundreds of specific defenses to remember. This is because under REAL stress you’re only going to be able to recall a handful of gross motor skills.

Finally there is the Self Defense Training Network at This is the backbone of The Self Defense Company. Every lesson, every drill is one click away. Now your students will know exactly what they need to know and how to practice. No room for mistakes, it’s all right there. And if they have a question, all they need to do is post it on the network where you or another SDC instructor can help them. Thanks to the network you can train them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grown Ups Don’t Want Trophies!

Most people don’t want or need the martial arts experience. Most adults just want to know exactly what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones. Today there really aren’t any options, you either have to find a martial arts school where you could get your shoulder dislocated rolling around with some maniac or you take a self defense seminar and forget everything you learned a few days later.

Our teaching platform enables clients to train with you periodically and then continue to train on their own. This “tethered” training will keep them coming back every few months over the course of a few years instead of quitting after the first few months never to be seen again because they missed a few classes and think they fell too far behind.

“I’m a traditional martial artist and MMA Fight Promoter in Bermuda. I added the Self Defense Company Self Defense Programs in 2008 to add realism to my courses and to offer something to people who would don’t want the martial arts experience.”

– Reuben Bean, Hamilton, Bermuda – Self Defense Company Instructor since 2008


The Self Defense Company is global organization of martial artists, law enforcement, veterans, bodyguards and security agents unified under one program The Self Defense Training System™ (SDTS) and we are dedicated to helping anyone with the will to defend and protect.

Since 1992 we have helped tens of thousands of people with The Self Defense Training System™ and it all starts HERE.

How to make “money while you sleep” as a Self Defense Company Instructor?

The biggest problem of martial arts training is that if you get sick, injured, go on vacation or just want a day off, it can be a problem. We call this “earning on your back.” That means you need to do physical work to get paid and unfortunately you’re limited to the hours in the day and you can only make so much.

As a Self Defense Company Instructor, you will have many more income streams beyond your physical teaching. This is a multi-stream, multi-level income system that will enable you to earn money while your not even thinking about self defense.

The Streams of Income from your Self Defense business
*Down line is income generated from Instructors you develop directly under you.

Stream 1

Income Stream 1 – Live Instruction
Teach classes, private lessons or semi-private groups for a few sessions or a few months. We will help you develop a business model that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Stream 2

Income Stream 2- Student Certifications
You will be able to train and certify your students in our merit-based program.

Stream 3

Income Stream 3 – Online Instruction
At the heart of your teaching is the Self Defense Training Network at As an instructor you will be able to teach and coach anyone, anywhere in the world through out online training portal.

Stream 4

Income Stream 4- Memberships to the Self Defense Company Network
As an instructor you will be able to enroll students at and receive a healthy commission. They can come from your social network or blog, they don’t have to be your physical student.

Stream 5

Income Stream 5 – Mentoring Instructors
As an instructor you will be able to mentor and develop your own instructors either in person or online. In return you will receive a commission of their student memberships, certification and Instructors.

Stream 6

Income Stream 6 – Certifying Instructors
As a mentor you will be able to certify and develop instructors and help them develop their businesses just like your mentor helped you.

What is Included with Your Business Program

  • Lifetime Elite Membership to The Self Defense Training System – This includes all Self Defense Company defensive tactics training videos and programs.
  • Start Up Kit – Includes everything you need to start teaching immediately
  • Unlimited Support from your own Instructor Mentor
  • Turnkey Business and Marketing Systems
  • Instructor Only Forum Access
  • Instructor Only Training Videos
  • Instructor Resource Access
  • Self Defense Company Multi-Level Commission Referral Partner Program
  • Online Instructor Certification Program
  • Contact Listing on


If you’re willing to work, practice and put in the effort, we will make sure you succeed. Your Instructor Mentor has been there before and he or she will have the answers you need. The advantage to being par of a community is that we have made all the mistakes before. We know what works and more important than that we will save you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes.

Fill Out the Application Below to Unlock Pricing and Your Own Instructor Mentor will Contact You Shortly to Discuss Your Business.