What’s the Best Self Defense Move?

What’s the Best Self Defense Move?

What’s the one or two moves you should know?

I get this question a lot and the answer isn’t what you think.

First of all this question illustrates a huge problem in the world of self defense. You have been forced to learn moves or counters to specific situations. The more “moves” you know the better off you are.

This is bullish!t.

In fact the amount of moves you know has no bearing on your ability to protect yourself .

I’ll give you an example.

The dreaded front choke practice in an unrealistic manner.
The “Front Choke” attack – arms extended waiting for you to react is not how it will happen. In reality your attacker will be head butting you, kneeing you and trying to bang your head off of a delivery van. By the time you remember to tuck your chin, it’s over.

In every other system on the planet your training looks something like this: Attacker grabs your shirt collar, you practice a counter defense. Then your attacker grabs your throat and you practice yet another defense. He pushes you and yet another defense.

3 different defenses,for 3 different attacks, meanwhile all of those attacks could be defended against with one simple set of skills.

You train for every possible attack and the truth is, when your fight of flight mechanism kicks in all of that goes out the window. The problem is you won’t realize this until you’re really attacked since it is IMPOSSIBLE to recreate a life or death situation in training.

The reality is this: MOVES ARE NOT IMPORTANT. Tactics and Mindset are what’s important.  Moves are just the method to implement those tactics and mindset.




I always try reduce any possible situation to it’s base common denominator, then work from there.

First of all, no matter what type of attack it is, from a punch to a knife assault, an assailant must get to you.

How does this happen? Only one of two ways. He makes the approach, i.e., covers distance to get to you, or you give him the opportunity by

Don't go anywhere you think you can't escape.
Don’t go anywhere you think you can’t escape.

allowing yourself to get close to him, i.e., passing close to places of concealment, entering an unkown or confined area without assessment or unaware.

Realizing these two primary possibilities allows for you to plan a strategy, a tactical way of living that affords the best or most reliable mode of operation. Still, always expecting the unexpected!

Knowing a potential danger (a known rapist/assailant in the area), well, the old adage, “forewarned is forearmed” really applies. Collect your information and act accordingly.


This may bother some people.

Some authorities like to say that you should become your own “police officer” or become your own “bodyguard”.

Well, try this attitude: Become your own “HITMAN” or should I say “HITPERSON”?

Sounds a little melodramatic, huh? But think about this for a second. Abject ruthless brutality, single minded ferocity, total commitment to your “objective”. BELIEVE that no matter how bad your assailant thinks he is, YOU are IN REALITY HIS WORST NIGHTMARE.

Here it is in a nutshell: Unless you kill me outright, you’re gonna wish to god or the devil you were never F#CKING BORN!

Some who have heard me say this respond: “That’s INSANE!”

I reply, “Yes it sure as heck is.”

Let me ask you, is a violent, potentially deadly criminal assault NOT INSANITY? It’s sure as hell ain’t “civil”. So fight fire with MORE INTENSE FIRE!


You know all that rage and anger inside you?

Turn it into a IRON SPEAR and RAM it down his throat.

Now go Train.

Until Next Time…

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross

Damian Ross

Founder, The Self Defense Company


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Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Have your 12 set video library. Love it! Just all makes sense!
    Really enjoy all the articles you post! Always a great read! You definitely have more than one talent! I’ll be sure to say hi to Bob XL for you!

    1. Thanks Skip! If you want, we have a special offer for people who own the SDTS Combative Program. Fill out a support ticket or send me an email and I’ll give you the link if you’re interested.

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