For immediate Release April 27, 2017

Self Defense Company Brings Affordable
Bulletproof Jacket to the Public.

Features Stealth Design with Secret Conceal Carry System.

Saddle River, NJ – Today the Self Defense Company launched the NEW Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket. And if you want to know how to get one of your very own, keep reading…

First of all, the Bodyguard is more than just a bulletproof jacket, its a personal protection system. It’s affordable and designed to be worn everyday. Because at just three pounds, it’s the same weight as any normal jacket. 

Secondly, the bulletproof Jacket features a secret universal conceal carry system that fits any make, model and size handgun. In addition it works for both right and left handed shooters. 

Finally, the stealth design won’t draw unwanted attention. This is because it looks just like any other athletic jacket. So you can wear it to the office, gym or mall and no one will ever suspect you’re protected.


U.S. and Israeli Military Contractors Combine Forces

After years of research, The Self Defense Company found an Israeli-based defense contractor to custom make the Bodyguard to it’s exact specifications. 

The result: Bodyguard gives you 10% more protection than other jackets in the class.

According to Ross, “We spent two years sourcing suppliers in several countries and our partner has been in the bulletproof business for decades. There is no way I will put the lives of our customers at risk.”


The Problem with Bulletproof Jackets and Vests.

For starters, a bulletproof vest for civilian use is impractical.  You’re not going to throw it on just to run to the store and wearing it over your clothing will draw A LOT of unwanted attention.

As far as other bulletproof jackets, they’re over priced or out of style. And some might not even meet the specifications they claim. 


Protection You will Want to Wear.

Ross comments, “Our priority is provide something for every day life and that means it has to be comfortable and affordable.

Ultimately, we needed something that’s in line with our core principles of realistic and practical self defense.  So Bodyguard just didn’t need to work. It had to be something you would actually use.

After all, if you make something that works and no one uses it, what good is it?”


Field Tested and CERTIFIED.

The Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket is National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified. It’s available in  either Level 2A (STREET Model) or Level 3A (BEAST Model).

But knowing it was certified wasn’t good enough.

“A piece of paper wasn’t good enough. We had to see it work for realSo we took it to our private range to put it through the paces. It passed with flying colors and it even repelled arrows from a compound bow, which was a nice surprise.”

See the jacket in action…

Want to get your very own Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket?

To get your very own custom, made-to-order Bodyguard at the introductory offer of  40% off with free shipping….

Go here>>


“Police and military aren’t the only ones at risk. Today everyone should have this protection and it shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to protect your heart and your lungs.” Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company



William Smith        
The Self Defense Company           

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