69 Vest On Streets

The Bodyguard Switchblade Personal Armour System was recently featured on Israeli TV.

If your hebrew is a little rusty, this is a tour of our manufacturing facility in Israel. Each Bodyguard Personal Armour product is manufactured under strict ISO conditions to ensure the highest level of quality.

We spent over 3 years looking for a partner to develop and manufacture the Bodyguard line and our strategic partners in Israel were the clear choice.

To learn more about the Bodyguard Switchblade and Shields visit: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/switchblade/

To learn more about Bodyguard Jackets visit: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/bulletproof-jacket/


  1. grhutchings 11 months ago
    Member Since: 05/01/15

    This is awesome Damian 👍

  2. JRob 11 months ago

    I’m just hoping to receive my ordered backpack here in TN in time to take it back to Israel. :-)

  3. Donald Skipper 11 months ago

    I love this ,my daughter needs this.

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