Doctors Slaughtered in Their Home

In the last moments of his life, Boston Doctor,  Richard Field managed to send a text message to a friend, pleading for help. Alarmed, the friend contacted police, who rushed to Field’s luxury penthouse.

But they were too late. By the time police arrived, Field and his fiancée, Dr. Lina Bolanos, were dead. Police say that both doctors’ hands were bound  and there was blood everywhere. The couple’s throats had been slit, and the killer allegedly wrote “a message of retribution” on the wall.

Law enforcement encountered the suspect at the scene, and a brief gunfight ensued, with the suspect shooting at officers, according to a police statement. The suspect, later identified as Bampumim Teixeira, was injured. “The suspect was struck by the officers and after a violent struggle, placed in custody and transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries as a result of gunshot wounds,” the Boston Police said in a statement.

A motive is not known, but Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters that the couple must have known the suspect.

Friends of the couple tell PEOPLE that they cannot fathom why anyone would want to kill the doctors.

“They weren’t the type of people to screw people over,” says friend Gina Rand. “So when I hear ‘retribution,’ I wonder ‘what for? What could these people possibly have done that someone would want to kill them for?’ These were people who dedicated their lives to helping others. They cared so much about other people. They were the kindest people I knew.”

“They had a very wide circle of friends,” says Rand. “I think Richard texted [the recipient] because he lived close enough to help. It breaks my heart that it was too late. He’s always going to have to live with it, but there was really nothing he could do.”

Teixeira, who was born in Guinea-Bissau, has a criminal record. A 30-year-old former security guard, he had just finished a 9-month stretch in jail for bank robbery, PEOPLE confirms. It is unclear how he would have known the victims, but a source at the Boston Police Department tells PEOPLE that they are requesting phone records of both victims as well as Teixeira.

No charges have yet been brought against Teixeira, according to police. Multiple charges will be finalized and sought against Teixeira in South Boston District Court, according to an update by the Boston Police Department on Saturday. It is not known if he has retained an attorney.


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