Bronx Elevator Attack was NOT Random

Bronx Elevator Attack was NOT Random

There is nothing that suggests random about this attack – though the news will tell you different.

  • Nothing was stolen
  • Victim was only roughed up
  • The attacker controlled the environment
  • The attacker wiped the scene down and left in a dark mini van (that was on the report)

You’re looking at a professional at work.

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  1. All of the people aren’t idiots look at how they counter the surveillance cameras ever since a certain book was published a few years ago.

  2. This man was attacked intentionally, he was singled out by the attacker,no person does what that attacker did.

  3. This is no freaking kid. Obviously he had a motive for this attack, maybe not rob but something is going on here. Somebody in the vics life had a problem with him and wanted some kind of “message”.

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