In this episode, your hosts Damian Ross and Mike Archangel discuss the sharp increase of crime on campus and what our schools and universities are failing to do about it.  Special guests student Will Kazokas and Professor Bernard MacPherson provide insight from both a student and educator perspective.

Will is a current student at Cal Poly whose friend was brutally raped and beaten one night at  school.

Bernie is a current professor at the University of Hawaii, multiple black belt holder and former Army Ranger. Mr. Macpherson is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and is currently working to have self defense training be a standardized on the college and high school levels.


Your Hosts –

Damian Ross is a former bouncer, bodyguard, trainer, coach and volunteer firefighter. Holder of multiple black belts and founder of the Self Defense Company.


Michael Archangel is a former Marine and a graduate of the USAF Special Operations School, a black belt and a level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor.


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