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Why You don’t Grapple in the Street

  Sorry to burst your Grappling, BJJ, MMA, bubble…but THIS is what you’re going to face in the street.  I’m Damian Ross (author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies”…

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The Seven Signs Your Instructor is Full of Sh!t.

Some people actually believe that any self defense advice is good. To that I ask you, is any medical advice good? Is any nutrition or exercise advice good?Of course not…so…

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How to Fight Drunk

How to Fight Drunk Take the Combatives Drinking Challenge  (ages 21 and older only) There’s kind of a “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy in martial arts when it comes to drinking….

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Too Old or Injured for Self Defense?The ugly truth is you would rat

Too Old or Injured to Learn Self Defense? Fact: If you’re older, injured and appear to be weaker you’re most likely to be targeted. Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company…

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