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Women in the Self Defense Company

In the wake of the #metoo movement, more women are actively seeking self defense solutions and adding these skills to their tool box. Joining the cause is Self Defense Company…

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The SDTS vs. Thai Boxing

Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings recently traveled to Thailand to train, learn and grow his passion and respect for the local fighting art. As a Muay Thai Kru, I…

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Why don’t all gun owners do this?

Every time you carry your firearm you’re accepting the responsibility to use deadly force – which is something I believe most gun owners take seriously. But what’s hard to believe…

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How to Teach the Perfect Self Defense Class

You can’t just “show up and throw up.” Anyone who knows how to coach and teach knows how to properly craft a plan and a progressive curriculum. In this free…

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The Truth About Stranger Danger

“The Truth About Stranger Danger” Every kid knows to run away from strangers, but that only solves 15% of your problem.   Fact: 85% of crimes against children are committed…

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What self defense should you teach your child?

There I was  — about to become a new father…multiple black belt holder, self defense “expert” and no clue what to teach my kids about self defense…it was a good…

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SDTS Knife Training

This Knife Training Drill is from SDTS Module 9 of the Elite Membership   You can dance with your knife in the air all you want, but unless you…

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