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60 Minute Self Defense™ Women's Training Pack

The Training Pack Includes:
The 60 Minute Self Defense Video Course
The Power Circuit Program
The Family Safe Program
Normally $197 – Today Only $39.

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60 Minute Self Defense Womens Training Pack
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60 Minute Self Defense Womens Training Pack
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60-Minute Self Defense™ Includes: :

  • Escape and Evasion

    How to escape from larger, stronger attackers.

  • Pepper Spray Training

    How to correctly use pepper spray and personal alarms.

  • Defense Against Grabs and Mugs

    What to do when grabbed or pinned.

  • Tactical Awareness for Kids

    How to show your kids to spot potential danger.

  • Body Grab Defenses

    What to do if you’re grabbed and picked up off the ground.

  • How to React to a Home Invasion

    A simple, family safe fire drill you can practice right now.

  • Get in the Mind of Your Attacker

    How to EXPLOIT the 3 things ALL criminals FEAR.

  • Escape Being Pinned Down

    Escape ground pins – even when you’re outweighed by hundreds of pounds!

  • And More...much more..

    We’re always adding new content and training.

  • 24-7 Expert Support

    Get real time answers to all of your questions.

Hear what experts, police, soldiers and citizens are saying about 60 Minute Self Defense...

If you want to try something that will keep you alive, that is simple yet effective, I highly recommend 60 Minute Self Defense.

John M. Landry

As a single mom – I have to tell you that I use what I learned in 60 Minute Self Defense EVERY DAY.

Jenna Noel

I train operators for a living and when it comes to teaching self defense… I start with 60 Minute Self Defense.

James Moncherry

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