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Family Safe – How the experts give their kids “street smarts” by using 6 simple rules and a handful of basic skills to keep them safe.

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Family Safe Program
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Family Safe Program
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What you get with The Family Safe™ Program

  • A plan to escape a home invasion.

  • 2 ways out of every room.

  • A plan of action if you’re ever separated in public.

  • Skills to escape from larger, adult attackers.

  • A protocol for locating safe strangers.

  • A way to communicate with your children about the realities of violence without alarming them.

  • A healthy respect for violence.

  • 6 Rules for your kids to follow to avoid familiar sexual predators.

  • Your child the skills to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations and people.

  • How to escape bullies and larger predators.

“The unexpected benefit for me about the Family Safe Program was that it showed me how to discuss these topics without using shock and awe. Now I know how to talk with my son about predators both young and old. I especially liked the psychological component incorporated into the system.” Dr. Jay Jorgensen and Family

“I walked in expecting to watch my child learn karate or some other martial art. I didn’t realize how extensive and informative it was for my kids and my husband and me. Now we can protect ourselves as a family unit, not individuals.” Jennifer Mildner and Family

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