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All self defense starts here – with these primary skills of awareness and a little preparation, you will increase your chances of effectively avoiding potentially violent situations. Normally $97.00, now it’s only $14.

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The AWARE Course ™ Includes:

  • How to Become a HARD TARGET

    Present yourself as strong and alert so potential attackers will pass you up for an easier mark.

  • Every Day Carry

    Legal self defense weapons and tools you can carry everywhere.

  • Tactical Driving for Every Day

    How to drive tactically and avoid being car jacked or ambushed.

  • Moving in Public

    How to move safely through deserted parking lots and crowded streets.

This is just to thank you Damian for what u give me. I ve passed the exams for grade 1 and 2 and am preparing for the rest. I m watching the defense against weapons and falling more and more in love with the system. Same spirit, same mindset : taking ground and taking the fight to the assailant. U simply make sense to me. I train super honestly and consistently like my life depended on it. Who knows. It might.. one day. I was introduced to the system by Mario Karam who s always there to encourage me and answer my questions. I also want to thank u for your sense of humour and your simplicity. Yours is the system i ve been looking for… for years. I m literally LIVING for it. I have problems (health and other problems) and training is my lifebuoy. It keeps me going and feeds my fighting spirit. THANK U. – Zena Diab

While very informative each training session will show you something new , it shows you the best techniques that are easy to follow. You then have to apply what the videos teach. Each lesson will prepare you for any situation for survival. – Michelle King

Enjoying learning all about different techniques. I liked them so much I became an Instructor! – Yvette Losier

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