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The One Shot Fight Enders Course

Unlock the secret to fifteen proven One Shot Knock Outs to STOP your attacker DEAD in his tracks.

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One Shot Fight Enders
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The Course Includes:

  • The Overhand Right

    Discover why most people CAN’T punch in the street and how to avoid these common mistakes.

  • The Rock Crusher

    Learn how to turn the strongest bone in your arm into a sledge hammer.

  • Chin Jab with a Post

    Increase your hitting force 5X with this little known tactic

  • Double Chin Jab

    Too brutal for “sport” this move will pop your assailant’s head like a bottle cap.

  • Long Edge of Hand

    This simple move will separate your assailant’s head from his bad intentions.

  • Long Hammer Fist

    Turn your hand into a 5 pound sledge hammer.

  • Vertical Edge of Hand

    Once you get him into position its LIGHTS OUT.

  • Vertical Hammer Fist

    This will maximize your ability to create BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA.

  • The Hand Yoke

    Knock your attacker out with the softest part of your hand.

  • Rising Elbow Strike

    Use this “sneaky” technique when your attacker get’s too close.

  • Swinging Elbow Strike

    Drop much larger attackers to their knees.

  • Rising Head Butt

    Up close, personal and brutal.

  • How to PROPERLY attack the testicles.

    Yes – there is right way and a wrong way to do this and most “EXPERTS” do it wrong.

  • The Saddle Kick

    The most effective way to attack the testicles….and even the smallest person can do it.

  • Hand Yoke (Low)

    Do this when you’re grappling with a bigger attacker.

  • BONUS: Eye Gouge - Ear Box Combination

    Sure, it’s not one strike – but is REALLY bad ass and we want you to know this too…

  • The OSFE Training Circuit

    We show you exactly how to master these techniques from the comfort of your own home.

Hear what experts, police, soldiers and citizens are saying about our training...

If you want to try something that will keep you alive, that is simple yet effective, I highly recommend OSF (One Shot Fight Enders).

John M. Landry

I train operators for a living and when it comes to teaching self defense… this is what I teach first.

James Moncherry

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