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Combatives Combo – Hand Yoke

Combatives Combo – Hand Yoke

The hand yoke from SDTS Module 2 is one of those "stealth" moves that looks like a grab more than a strike. That's why Security and police LOVE this and use is as a come-along (Check out Guardian Police Combatives in the Elite Membership).

Here's one of my favorite combinations using the hand yoke.

The hand yoke is one of those moves that a "witness" really can't identify. Most untrained people will say it was a push or a grab which goes a long way to building your case of "self defense". People "look" for do attackers. Hitting your target in this manner will take him by surprise and ruin his day (just a bit).

This is just one of dozens of sneaky moves (from the hip whip to the elbow spike) that you will discover in the ELITE program.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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    1. Agreed, simply brutal is a “must” when a determined aggressor gives you no other option. I wish my past martial art instructor had trained me in this type of technique before I was assaulted in a club while minding my own business. This bully was on me before I knew what to do, while he ground his knuckles into my face. Not a good night for me but a lesson to be learned. Great technique George!!!

      1. This is supposed to be taken seriously, not fucken jokeing around about yoking around, so stop the funny stuff Fitz. Do you have a problem, or do you want one?

    1. Jack Benny was very good at his pose, and sadly it has passed into history at this point.
      Yet a instant visual response for the older students.

  1. A very versatile and powerful strike, ive used it to push individuals away that attempted to enter my personal space, also grab hard around the trachea then apply an o soto gari type throw for a take down.

  2. Love the yoke! It’s a great strike from front, side or the back of the neck. Let’s just say it stunning.

  3. All yoking side, some of ya take yourselves too seriously. Lighten up and you’ll be far more effective and appear much less of a threat. Isn’t that the point? The less of a threat you appear to be, the more effectively you can respond.

  4. I like that move, but on my police boots i wear ball busters,their hard rubber spikes and they work great,so when i do kick between his legs,i know he’s not getting back up anytime soon,their not noticeable and i always carry a fist size metal kubatan,plus i still have my firearm but i prefer other ways to take down my attacker, it’s fun at times but i learned never under estimate your opponent. and i have a question what do you think of the Red Warrior system of self defense that adrian roman teaches,just curious,i know he learned from Ed Parker

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