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Combatives FAST Course™

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“Get Mission Critical Self Defense Skills in Record Time with the Self Defense Training System™ COMBATIVES FAST COURSE.”

Mission Critical Defensive Tactics.

The FAST COURSE is for people who have experience dealing with violence and want to get up to speed in the shortest amount time possible with the CORE COMBAT principles of the SDTS.

We created the FAST COURSE to teach defensive tactics to law enforcement, the military and security in the shortest amount of time possible.


“Do Your Worst Fast and First”

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the FAST COURSE:

  • Quick Start: How to set up your own training area at home.
  • Target Analysis: Details of the most vulnerable areas of the human anatomy.
  • Position of Advantage: How to align yourself on target before use of force is initiated.
  • Controlling the Common Denominators: Position, Distance, Momentum and Balance.
  • The Drop Step and Forward Drive: The “secret” to winning every close combat situation.
  • Extreme Close Range and Body Grabs: Balance Recovery and Response.
  • Ground Fighting: Escape and Recovery.
  • Defense Against “Trained” Attacks: Rear Naked Strangles and Submissions.
  • Weapon Defensive Tactics: Edged, Hand Gun and Long Gun
  • Training Drills: Simple Step-by-Step Practice Routines
  • 24-7 Coaching and Support: You’ll get around the clock attention from certified, expert instructors.
  • Course Certificate: Awarded when you successfully complete the course.
  • Instant On Demand Video Courseware Access for Life

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No Experience Needed…

When we teach law enforcement, military and security personnel because  they deal with violence and put themselves in harms way on a regular basis and second we only have a limited time to train them so we need to give them the RAW essentials in only a day or two. This is why we created the FAST COURSE. We can install these close combat essentials into the right group of people over the course of several hours. We concentrate on  the most effective defensive tactics from the primary positions of contact.  The FAST COURSE is NOT for “newbies”. This is for people who already have a solid baseline skill set and real world experience. The FAST COURSE enables you to channel those experience and skills into into a model of devastating efficiency.

Mission Critical Defensive Tactics.

Normally $149, Today Only $14 

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