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Death of the Modern Dojo

Death of the Modern Dojo

This post will certainly bring out the fake tough guys and keyboard warriors…
I can hear the trolls now …“You’re a snake-oil, mcdojo, scam artist, charlatan” (you may need to look that last one up kids). ​
Meanwhile most of these guys couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.
These are the same people who question me, but have no problem with people charging hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year to learn useless, antiquated self defense techniques that never worked in the first place.
Those graceful martial arts moves that are so effective in the dojo and in Jean-Cluade movies are likely to get you killed on the street.
FACT: In fight-or-flight mode, you won’t have the calm thinking and fine motor skills to execute them.
Not to mention, real attacks happen in the street, in a bar, or in a crowd where the environment around you matters BIG-TIME.
Trust me, getting slammed into the side of a car or on the concrete hits a bit different than falling on a 4 inch purple gym mat.
Oh…and in case you haven’t heard…there’s no “tapping out” in the real world against an attempted rape or homicide.
Truth is, in these life or death situations you need a simpler approach with a few fundamental moves that are easy to remember and perform yet devastating to an attacker.
This is exactly why we created the Combatives Fast Course. ​ We show you exactly how to defend yourself against real world attacks. We stand by the fact that you can learn these tactics and use them tonight in the event you had to.
NO CEREMONY. NO SPORT. NO BELTS (or choreographed movie moves or mystical magic either).
For a limited time you can get the Combatives FAST COURSE for less than the price of your overpriced pumpkin spice latte and apple croissant.
Plus, if you are not satisfied with what you learn, let me know and I will refund your money… and you can put it towards your next pair of skinny jeans.
Look, if you want to train and compete in BJJ, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Judo…that’s great, you can learn a ton, become hard as nails and compete in a safe environment.
I should know I have 3 black belts, competed in judo, wrestling and karate on the national and international level and would not give up any of my black belts for anything…but I wouldn’t dare use those tactics and techniques when my life was on the line.
Sure, I could beat the first guy…but then what about his friends…who could be armed and a lot bigger than me.
I’m not 25 years old any more…I know what happens when you really have to defend yourself (tactically and legally). I have a lot to lose and if I’m going to use force, you bet you a$$ I’m going to be sure of two things.
1. I’m going to end it as fast as possible.
2. I’m going to be 100% legally justified.
Time is short, self defense isn’t a sport or a style, it’s an instinct…and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life to defend and protect.

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