Defense vs. Knife to the Throat

Defense against knife to the throat

This video comes from Instructor Mario Karam in Lebanon.

We’ve seen this way too many times in the movies – bad guy, knife to the throat – hostage type of situation.

A few things to consider…

  1. In order for him to stab you he will have to withdraw the weapon to generate enough force to penetrate the target. This means you’ll have ONE MOVE to create enough opportunity to gain momentum over the attacker.
  2. In order for him to slash or slice you he will need to generate enough downforce and pressure – as well as lateral movement to effectively cause damage. This means you’ll have ONE MOVE. One leads to two, two lead to three and three leads to FLOOR (get it?).
  3. Your chances of being critically injured by one or two stabs or slashes are very low. Google “Knife Wound” if you dare to see what people who have survived have endured.
  4. The fact that you’re not stabbed yet means that he needs something from you OR he can’t do what he wants to at this point in time…either way.. you still have ONE MOVE.

The trick (and the hardest part) is to ACT FIRST and use methods that work when your SNS is activated. In other words – keep it simple and do it as often and as fast as you can.

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    1. Hey Peter. Knowing something is always better than nothing my friend. Give the SDTS a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

      Instructor Mario Karam
      Beirut – Lebanon

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