Doctor Strangles Teen Girl During Argument Over Social Distancing

Doctor Strangles Teen Girl During Argument Over Social Distancing

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This disturbing video shows a man wrestling with a teen girl over an argument about social distancing…which completely defeats the purpose of his argument…

LOUISVILLE, KY — The suspect “without consent … applied pressure to victim’s throat and impeded her breathing,” according to a police report.

A Kentucky doctor who violently attacked a group of teen girls, choking one of them, apparently for failing to practice social distancing, was arrested after a video of the incident went viral over the weekend.

This video, which was posted to Reddit and titled, “Man strangles teenage girl for failing to social distance,” shows a man approach at least four girls who are on a picnic blanket. A woman near him appears to film on her phone as one of the girls tells them the group is leaving.

It’s unclear what happened before the video began, but one girl says to the man, who is staring them down, “Please, let’s not cuss at each other.”

The man then calls one of the girls an “a–hole,” before both he and the woman go after the group. The man shoves three girls before lunging at a fourth girl, appearing to pin her on the ground. The girls scream, and one pleads with the man to “seriously, get off of her!”


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    1. I get that – but unless this girl was holding a gun on a puppy – I see no reason to put hands on her. He’s been arrested and charged. But again…it would have to be a REALLY tough situation for the good doctor to use force.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from Duane, but in all fairness to Brian, I think he just wants to know the whole story before he passes judgement. However…like I said, the circumstances would have to be EXTREMELY bizarre to justify this action.

    2. So Brian is a cowardly douche bag for reserving judgment? Perhaps if people kept more of a cool head rather than letting their emotions rule their actions there would be less people in prison. THINK ABOUT THAT!

  1. Wish i would have been there. Maybe my attitude is very wrong, but I’m sure i would have defended the girls and kicked his ass in 3 seconds! Right or wrong he wouldn’t have known what hit him.

  2. Whatever she said (I am assuming it was just verbal), he completely lost control. To react like that to verbal provocation is completely unacceptable, especially when they were presenting no physical threat to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were completing scathing to him , but that is their right, he should reply verbally, or walk away. He made a decision and between now and court, he will have ample time to consider his actions.

    1. Exactly – you NEVER know what people will do under stress or “perceived stress”.
      For conversation sake, lets’ take this at face value. Grown man uses force on a smaller teen age girl because they weren’t social distancing.

      This guy interpreted these girls’ actions as “life threatening.” Which…even if the girls were actually infecting each other, his “stopping them” would have ZERO impact on solving the problem – if they’re already infected it’s too late.

      His actions have NOTHING to do with COVID-19.

      In fact, it’s all an excuse to let his inner psychopath flag fly. After all, I’m sure if hew was having this conversation with Duane “The Rock” Johnson…I’m sure he probably would have kept his mouth shut.

      Truth is, there are people who have this inner psycho and use situations like this to justify their behavior.
      I’ve seen it during any situation of civil disruption. Hurricane Sandy saw people fighting on gas lines, and doing all kinds of theft and strong arming of their fellow man.

      Fact is, no one was going to starve to death…no one was going to freeze to death…it was just an excuse.

      Now I do believe this guy actually thought he was justified (and that’s the concern). These people have jobs, pay their taxes, volunteer but all along, deep down…there’s that inner psycho.

  3. Just unbelievable that a supposed doctor would behave in this manner ! His actions were completely unacceptable under these circumstances. Moreover, he obviously was not practicing what he was preaching ie social distancing…..

  4. Dr.mengele calling Dr. Mengele,…calling Dr.Howard ,…calling Dr.fine,..calling Dr.howard ,…calling Dr.fine….please report to proctology

  5. He’s “allegedly” a doctor? I wonder how he treats his patients, especially if they are young girls…. What happened to “do no harm?”

  6. Not much of a ‘man’, verbally attacking young women for being too close together and then going hands-on with them, defeating his own argument about ‘distancing’. I bet that he would have kept his distance if a man was with those young women.

  7. He may soon learn that legal/civil/professional consequences depend very much on how it looks to bystanders and their cell phone cameras.

  8. No doubt, if it were “The Rock”, the doc would have tried to shake his hand. I’ll bet someone as controlling as the doc has had more than one run-in with local authorities on domestic violence charges…

  9. Assuming no manipulation of the frames per second, the man’s sudden move at the young woman on the ground was enough to crush her larynx or other potentially lethal damage. Since a doctor’s vow is first do no harm, he clearly lied identifying himself in order to create artificial artificial authority in the moment. Also, looks like two others were already on the ground. The clip is too short for full context for what all did or said.

  10. The doctor definitely was not practicing social distance. It was he who approached. There has to be more to it than that. Looks more like social rage.

  11. Holy Shit Damian this dude is whacked I have four daughters – the only thing that would stop me from whooping his ass is = he is old (so am I LOL) – My best morale character would say verbally help him to feel like a piece of crap for his actions and then ask him if he would like to choke me LOL – Train Your Daughters Young Men ! Seriously you can’t just accost people – This is demented but amusing Thank – On the real if anyone has daughters “Train Them” in the self defense we all love and practice. I am a personal protection consultant and a LEO – My children have all been trained how to TCB – you’ll be happy you took the time – As always Thank You Damian for all that you do – I am a fan for sure !

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