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The Elite Self Defense Academy Includes:

The 12 Modules of the Self Defense Training System:
All modules come with step-by-step instruction, training manuals and practice at home drills. 
Module 1 Essential Self Defense 

Your rock solid self defense foundation starts HERE.
Module 2 Advanced Striking
Like how to knock an attacker out with the softest part of your hand…and more.  
Module 3 Ground Fighting for Keeps
Discover how to survive and WIN on the ground without knowing how to grapple.
Module 4 Defense against Grabs and Holds
Destroy ANY attacker who makes the mistake of putting their hands on you. 
Module 5 Methods of Escape and Evasion
Survive violent crowd, riots (and peaceful protests) using these battled proven tactics. 
Module 6 Body Conditioning
Turn your body into a weapon of mass destruction with these forgotten training methods
Module 7 Combat Physical Training
Get BATTLE READY with these combat specific exercise circuits
Module 8 Defense Against Weapons
Defensive tactics against all types of firearms and edged weapons 
Module 9 Combative Knife and Club
Two Complete edged and impact weapons training systems
Module 10 Combat Throws and Takedowns
Combat specific takedowns and which ones to avoid in the street
Module 11 Old School Weapons and Tactics
Everything from Brass Knuckles to Garrotes are detailed and trained
Module 12 Quick Kills and Deadly Finishes
How to end an attacker in the fastest means possible using only your hands and your training
Guardian Police Combatives
Includes everything for security and law enforcement from arresting, restraining, scene control and weapon retention.
Protector CSI
Training citizens to interact with law enforcement
Combat Jujutsu Course
Discover how to turn your grappling skills lethal
Core Combat Training System
How to develop the primary core combat skills
Family Safe Program
The best way to prepare children under 12 to face bullies and larger predators
Iron Fist Program
Discover how to create deadly knock out power 
Knuckle Duster Course 
Your essential guide to fist packs and black jacks.