How to End the Fight BEFORE it Starts

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How to End the Fight BEFORE it Starts

This is how you end the fight BEFORE the first punch is thrown. The Position of Advantage gives you the leverage to control momentum and balance before the proverbial “first punch” is ever thrown.

The cool thing is you can practice this every day on unsuspecting co-workers and family members.

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  1. Great video Damian. I always prefer the simplicity of tactics over techniques and this video really emphasizes this. I wish that ugly red dummy was for sale somewhere; it would be much better than a standard BOB.

  2. I was previously taught numerous specific grab defenses during my formal martial art trainings but had doubts about a number of them, actually many of them but did not want to admit it. So as a respectful student, I accepted what I was taught. But none of my past instructors spent much time training me how “not to get grabbed”. Thank God, the SDC has given me a much more sensible approach that is grounded in the realities of close combat!

      1. I’ve personally had great success with the whooping crane and humping monkey techniques. 😂

        Exactly! . They usually fall down laughing.

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