Fairbairns Timetable of death

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    1. You can walk down any hardware store aisle and you will find a plethora of nondescript edged weapon alternatives. Check out SDTS Module 8, Module 9 and Module 11 for edged weapon.

      Or you can just give them a really sharp stare!

  1. Sobering information, life is precious and fragile in more ways than we dare imagine.

  2. I am a follower n study n endorse W.E. Fairbairn and his work but the table of death is not an accurate chart it’s primary goal was to give young commandos the added confidence needed going into guerilla warfare even Rex Applegate a main protege of Fairbairns admitted this to me and several others at a knife show in the summer of 1987 and while I think it served it’s purpose well and I think W.E. Fairbairn was ahead of his time but as far as the reality n accuracy of the timetable of death chart is just not accurate in real life scenarios.

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