Family Combatives

Family Combatives

Self defense is always the weaker against the the stronger…no matter how strong you are. 

Size, fitness, athleticism and strength will give you the advantage and allow for a greater margin of error, but when it comes to primary self defense – we should ALL train from the perspective of being the weaker person because ALL of your attackers will think they have the edge – like a weapon, friends and of course…size and strength.

This is why we teach the same BASIC SDTS techniques to EVERYONE.

They’re designed for a smaller, weaker person to escape from a much larger stronger person. Remember, this isn’t a title fight – your attacker wants something from you and he’s not planning on your fighting back. As soon as you resist, he does a quick cost-benefit analysis and if it’s not worth it, you can escape.

Here’s a video of Instructor Mario Karam in Lebanon teaching a family SDTS Combatives. Notice they’re all doing the SAME drills – he’s not teaching them to strangle, throw or submit the target.

These are simple, Core Combat Techniques taken straight from SDTS Combatives Module 1 that anyone can do.

Thanks for the video Instructor Karam.

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