10 worst black friday disasters

10 worst black friday disasters

10 Worst Black Friday Disasters

From stampeding the elderly to a shoot out at point blank range – people will literally kill each other over nothing…and they call me paranoid. Humanity is screwed and people killing each other over a toy your kid is going to forget about in 4 weeks is proof. 


10. Woman Peppers Sprays Crowd to get Xbox Games
2011, Porter Ranch, California, a woman pepper sprayed the crowd surrounding an Xbox display. 20 people were struck in the face with the spray and needed medical attention. 

9. Brandsmart Stampeded on Senior Citizen
2005, hundreds of people converge on without any care for life or property as a 73 year old woman was trampled repeatedly as her daughter tried to save her.

8. Crazy Wallmart Fight for TV
Police responded to a fight over a discounted TV at an unidentified Walmart. One woman continued to cling to the TV even while was being arrested. 

7. Trampled at Target Store
North Buffalo, NY. As soon as the doors opened at 4:00am, dozens of people were crushed by the crowd. One man barely made it out alive after being stepped on repeatedly. 

6. The Del Amo Fashion Center Balloon Disaster
2006 the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA ran a promotion where it dropped 500 gift cards in balloons on a crowd of 2,000 Black Friday shoppers. The results were a wave of injuries. The most serious was a senior citizen being placed in critical care. 

5. Pregnant Woman Knocked Down
2005, Grand Rapids, MI. A Pregnant woman was knocked to the floor and a 13 year old girl who tried to help her was trampled as well and had to be hospitalized. 

4. Marine Volunteer Stabbed in the Back
2010, at a Best Buy in Augusta, GA, Marine CPL Phillip Duggan was in pursuit of shoplifter Tracey Attaway. Duggan was able to subdue Attaway but got stabbed in the process. 

3. Man Collapses and Dies in Shopping Frenzy
2011, at a Target Store in West Virginia, 61 year old Walter Vance collapsed and went unnoticed for an extended period of time. When medical help finally arrived, he was already dead. 

2. Walmart Customers Trample Long Island Employee to Death
2008, a 34 year old temporary Wallmart Employee was trampled to death by 2000 Black Friday shoppers. The crowd forced the doors to the store open 5 minutes before the store was officially open crushing the victim in the process. 

1. Two Men Killed in Gun Battle at Toys R Us
2008, Palm Desert, CA. two men got into an argument after their wives had been fighting. They took out their guns and shot each other dead. 

I hope you were smart enough to avoid the insanity of Black Friday. Life is about Risk vs. Reward and why get up at 3 am when you can just point and click.

Be Smart, Train Honestly.

Instructor Ross

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