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Are there SDC Seminars and events?

Yes, they are held globally by SDC Instructors and announced as they come up.

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How can I become an SDC Instructor?

Fill out the application at

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How can I locate an SDC Instructor?

Just click “Live Training” on your Membership Dashboard.

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How do I receive customer support?

Click ‘create a new ticket’ below. Fill in a ticket below, or: Email customerservice (at) theselfdefenseco (dot) com – 24 hours a day

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Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes you can, at anytime.

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Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, you can cancel and comeback at any time.

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Can I cancel My Membership?

At anytime from your membership profile. Even if you cancel in the beginning of the month, you’re still active until your month runs out. For example, if you get charged…

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How long before I become proficient?

There are three levels of Self Defense: Awareness, Escape and Domination.Awareness can take as little as 5 minutes. Escape can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks….

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Can I get Certified?

YES. As you go through the programs you will receive Course Completions. You can also get Certified by an SDC Instructor in person or online through your Membership Dashboard. Course…

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What benefits does my membership have?

Depending on your membership level, you have access to over 400 video training lessons and drills plus the Specialty Programs and new program releases. Live support from Self Defense Company…

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What training does my membership include?

There are Several Programs you can take depending on your membership. SDTS Combatives Modules 1 through 12 60 Minute Self Defense Family Safe Protector: CSI Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives

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