Find Your Inner Bully in 2019

Find Your Inner Bully in 2019

My wife and I recently brought two of our granddaughters into our home in response to low-grade

sexual assault of them. Some half-wits who only half know me declared, “HE’S A

BULLY!!!” As I adjusted to my new designation, I wondered how bad is the “bully” tag?

We’re swimming in a multi-faceted cultural tidal wave pounding us into mush — citizens

without a strong core, without defined identities. Pressures to wear unisex clothes, live without

borders, and accept every whacked perversion of morality have become a drowning tsunami.


Clear right and wrong choices are now trendy debate topics that tickle endless imaginative

social media threads. Then, when we resist becoming common fools who blindly swallow the

harm which accompanies these new flavors of mediocrity, we get labeled as bullies.


Over the past decade, I’ve worked hard to become the most dangerous and compassionate

man in my vicinity. If some villain perceives me as threatening, my mission is precisely

accomplished! Some weak-minded observers might see my character, honed by wisdom, as

exclusive and hard. Well, they’re not looking deep enough, and I’m not responsible for their

poor visual acuity.


Speaking of mush, last week a local sheriff’s deputy was severely injured when he tried to

disrupt a middle-age man who was destroying a stop light with a baseball bat. Nut job with the

bat charged the deputy, whose taser malfunctioned, and his baton proved to be barely

adequate. Responding backup officers subdued the perp, while the deputy was hauled to a

hospital with multiple fractures.


What safety protocols are now so completely mushified, leaving law enforcement officers’

heads spinning over use-of-force questions that are deadly for them? And, where does this

confusion leave us civilians?


Your posture and mine in 2019 needs to be rock solid on a personal level, in our communities,

and as a nation. Moral mush gets obliterated quickly. Granite-hard resolve lasts a long time.

Coupled with our genuine respect for people and their safety, we can hold on and make a



Personal challenges on the street aren’t much different from our national challenges. They only

vary in scope. Americans get to enjoy freedom by design. When a robber feels deprived and

backed into a corner with no freedom, he tries to take someone else’s resources to fill the gap,

to break free. When a nation state feels deprived it tries to diminish America’s freedoms and

resources, reducing us to its level of deprivation. Same story, different scale.


Self-reliance is part of our answer. An unspoken personal ability to put a smart, lightning-fast

crush on any nearby threat makes an unmistakable silent statement, “Don’t screw with me.”

On a larger scale, we need to step up to America’s national challenges with the same message.

In the old days (with touch-tone phones) we were suckered into the polite exclusion of religion

and politics from some of our touchiest venues. We slept peacefully as the groundwork was

laid by enemies within our borders. It was okay to do so, in the spirit of tolerance. But the

intersection of despicable ideas and our everyday lives is now unavoidable. God and Country?

They still only get a small corner of the room.


We Californians are poised for a brand new 2019 horror show of rights infringements by out-ofcontrol

legislators. Please be slow to gloat if you’re not a CA breed. You might have already

noticed that as the these cancerous efforts find a foothold on the Pacific Coast, other states

are eager to also accept the infections as their own.

Watch out! Today’s “common sense” limits on our 2nd Amendment are surely tomorrow’s

formal pussification and legal limits on bare hand self-defense. Villains have inalienable rights,

the experts say.


Mastery of street fighting is a great start, but the bigger solution is demanding more from us.

We need to expand our resolve to defend America’s core as well. Those kids who weren’t

allowed to ponder the Ten Commandments in public school are now the budding geniuses of

D.C. think tanks and government policy. What a comfort to know their values have been

meticulously shaped by video games! We need to step up to the bigger plate, connecting with

one of the voices in national issues.


If you’re not at the same time the most dangerous and compassionate person in the room, try

harder in 2019. SDTS is at your fingertips 24/7 for training and retraining. If you appear to be a

bully who alienates people, wait five minutes or walk another block. Somebody who has a grip

on reality will appreciate your nature, because you will wreak of confidence. It’s the irresistible

aroma that helps people feel safe; the scent which is becoming more and more rare.

Finding the delicate balance belonging to a humane bully is no longer optional. My

granddaughters are counting on you. They’re only going to be able to take down a limited

number of villains by themselves. There’s only so much two skinny young girls can do.

You know what I mean?

by Peter E. Schultz, author of Extreme Preemption (Amazon books)

Published by theselfdefenseco

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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