Firefighter CRUSHES Armed Robber

Firefighter CRUSHES Armed Robber

Firefighter CRUSHES Armed Robber

MIDLOTHIAN, TX – Congratulations to Daniel Gaskey, a Mansfield firefighter, former Marine and high school wrestler, who took down an armed robber with his bare hands, and it was all caught on camera at a Midlothian gas station. 

The robbery took place June 26 at the Exxon Oasis Food Store on 9th Street in Midlothian, according to Midlothian Police Sgt. Nick Harp.

The video is below. 


This guy is a hero and if more people stepped up, we would all be better off. 

Let’s look at what happened, what he did and why it worked. 

First, the criminal is distracted. People can only focus on ONE THING at a time and when you’re under stress you become HYPER FOCUSED. You get tunnel vision to increase your focus on the task at hand. 

Daniel was experiencing the same thing, the only difference is that he can think systematically under stress and perform simple tasks due to his training. 

Daniel assessed the situation. It took him a few minutes to “adjust” (he was experiencing that “OH SHIT” Moment). After he realized what was happening, he gained his composure, thought of a plan of action and then TOOK THAT FIRST STEP (which is the hardest). 

Daniel took him out. Nothing fancy, in fact he fell back on his wrestling because that’s what he was most confident in. He didn’t use a fancy moves, they were large, motor skills. 

He didn’t “go for the weapon”. Since he was much larger and stronger than the subject so he was able to over power him and take him to the ground. The impact on the fall on the linoleum floor, combined with Daniel’s body weight disoriented and disabled the subject. 

I would note that if Daniel did that “technique” in any martial arts or self defense class he would probably be corrected if not ridiculed. 

After the subject was under control, the weapon was placed out of reach. 

Now I will say there are several ways to disable the subject from Daniel’s position that don’t require wrestling, 8 years in the Marines or Fire school, but all in all the general principle is the same. 

  1. Respect the Weapon
    Understand the location, advantages and disadvantages of the type of weapon (edged, impact or projectile). 
  2. Distract the Subject
    Either through conversation or act.
  3. Attack the Subject
    A weapon is only as good a the person holding it. A gun on the shelf never killed anyone. Don’t chase the weapon. In this case AFTER the threat was neutralized, the weapon was removed from reach. 
  4. Remove the Threat
    Either the weapon and the subject are disabled or you or out of the area. 

I want to personally congratulate Daniel Gaskey and his family. Like I said before, if we had more people like this in the world, it would be a better place. 

BTW, what the heck was this criminal thinking…holding up a convenience store with a knife in Texas?!?! It would have been funny is everyone in the store drew down on him. 

Until Next Time…

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
The SDC. 



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  1. I love to hear good reports like this. I live in South Louisiana and I can imagine people over here doing just what you said. Wouldn’t that be awesome to see? Keep up the good work

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