Re: 110 LB PSYCHO – The Self Defense Company



My “wisdom” comes from things and others around me. It is not original to me. I just mix em together.

If you look at things and people around you without prejudice, and without respect to labels and titles, you’ll find lessons everywhere. And think outside the subject matter. Maybe you learn something about geo-politics from watching kids on a playground. Maybe you learn something about self-protection watching animals. Who knows.

I love learning. The more I learn, the dumber I realize I am.

Wisdom is defined by it’s pursuit, NOT it’s attainment. Once you think you know something is when you become stupid. This, for example, is why a lot of people with degrees are morons; they forgot that wisdom is a lifelong and humble pursuit of infinite knowledge, not a damn piece of paper.

When you think you have mastered something is when you will fall. Never for a moment think you’ve got it down. You don’t. By being humble and pursuing more, you will be in the safest frame of mind.

I always noted how Tiger Woods would clean up at a golf event, and he’d be interviewed about it, and he’d say, “I can do better.” THAT is why that guy is so dangerous.

The day you think you know something, or you’ve got it down, is the day you will get your ass handed to you.

Humility is the path to wisdom.

And remember: An expert can be wrong once, and an idiot can be right once.