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In Police training we learned what’s called a survival or winning mentality combined with tactical and defensive training. That’s why you need to stay current, stay fresh and be mentally switched on. In case you do go hands on you need to be confidant that you’re going to neutralize that threat. You need to be goal oriented. I’ve seen how some humans crumble once they receive force and i’ve seen others who grow instantly violent. You never know how someone will react based on how they look. You need to rely on your training, visualize an outcome, and commit to your movements. If you cannot disable your enemy keep in mind Tactical repositioning. Creating barriers and distance between you and the threat. Scanning for weapons of opportunity. Or means of escape. It’s not about getting into fist fights. These techniques aren’t taught to teach people to be better bullies. It’s a skillset required for survival. As police, firearms were ideal for the situation where it was known subject had the ability intent and means to outdo me in a hand to hand situation. I found giving assertive commands such as ‘hands up hands up’ or ‘keep your hands where I can see them’ often times made them freeze momentarily. That gives you a brief opportunity to strike first while they’re not focused on defending. It’s healthy to be aware of threats at all levels and have scenerios planned in your mind how those encounters could possibly play out. Have a plan of success already thought out and problem solved. This greatly increases your chances of survival.