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Reply To: Citizens Assist Cop

James Goolsby

I don’t think a lot of people realize just how fast you can “gas out” in a real fight. I was absolutely shocked at how quickly I ran out of energy when I got in my first really hard one. And for you guys who think, “I’ll be okay cuz I run marathons” be careful… a fight is a totally different energy balance than working out. At the time of mine, I was in so-called peak shape, right out of the police academy, and I could run a mile and a half virtually without breaking a sweat. But I don’t care how much cardio you do, it’s not the same. Will it help? Of course; that’s why we do it. But again, it’s not the same. For me, 45 minutes on a treadmill was roughly the equivalent to 45 SECONDS in a fight. It’s totally different animal!

So, keep working out (Mod 7 is amazing for that.) Build your cardio and your strength. But, more importantly, keep working on your SDTS Combatives and beating the hell out of BOB. This way you have a much better chance of ending the fight BEFORE you have time to “gas out”.

Stay safe.