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Reply To: Citizens Assist Cop

Dallas Williams

Amen James, that’s always been a fear of mine too. I work out too cardio, strength, and SDTS training but that fear is always in the back of my mind about gassing out in a real fight should it drag on longer than you anticipated. People think mma training can get you in shape to handle a real fight and it definetly helps, but mma or boxing matches are still different than a real all out street brawl because the fighters are still fighting and expending energy at a somewhat controlled pace(pacing themselves and conserving energy) rather than going all out 100 percent the whole time. That’s why it’s all important to drill SDTS combinations on the BOB full force for as long and intensely as you can, that way you’re at least somewhat used to the intensity and energy required for an all out fight and more importantly more prepared and more likely to end the fight within a very few seconds with a KO before that has a chance to happen. As Carl Cestari said “Do your worst fast and first.”