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Reply To: Citizens Assist Cop


On the middle school wrestling team we had a kid who used to run marathons. He was in 8th grade and I was shocked at how tired he would get in a match. I figured, shit the kid can run almost 30 miles, but he CAN’T MAKE IT THROUGH A 6 MINUTE MATCH!

Then I realized there’s different types of shape.

Being in a position to train all sorts of people you realize that looks aren’t always what they seem.

Body builders were probably the most shocking.

Huge guys with a lot of muscle mass run out of juice VERY FAST. I mean like going from normal to completely exhausted in a matter of minutes.

Like James says, in a fight it hits you hard. That adrenaline sucks up the oxygen in your blood quick fast. You think you’re hitting hard (but you’re not).

It’s scary.

One of my better students in the Oakland, NJ School was a local cop. He reached out to me after he got into a roll around with a construction worker who was having a fight with his girlfriend. The subject was about 5’8″, powerful build but chunky. Frank started wrestling him, finally got him face down BUT WAS TOO TIRED TO SPEAK ON THE RADIO!

Hearing this the entire department showed up because they thought Frank was dead.

Plan on spending A LOT of energy.

Train hard, extended bursts and fast recovery. You’re going full out for 30 seconds with 10 second rest.

Do those rounds on your training dummy for about 6 to 10 minutes and tell me how you feel.