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Hello all.
My name is Josh, I’m 37 (this year). I’m a National Registry EMS Provider for 10+ years now (8+ as Paramedic) in a small Arkansas town (“small” being relative term though, my Service operates 3 24 hour/365 day Paramedic units with an average monthly call volume of 250-300! Lol).
I’ve been interested in traditional martial arts for most of my life; no ranks, because there’s virtually no instructors of any kind near where I’ve lived.
I discovered “combatives” a few years ago (Kelly McCann/Jim Grover) but haven’t found a way to really study in a more serious or frequent manner.
Then I literally stumbled upon SDC while searching for combatives or self defense on Google. I liked what I’ve read, and I’m dying to download or view the video segments! But I felt I should intro myself first.