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I don’t think studying anything is a waste of time. Provided you have a questioning, testing mindset.

The problem, increasingly, with people is that they want some formula handed to them on a plate. I call it intellectual welfare.

From what I understand, most of these martial arts originated as actual combat solutions, but specifically tailored to unique combat environments which may not fully encapsulate what you may face.

But, we have to focus on the big picture, which is killing another human being as efficiently as possible. With whatever means are available. Period. That’s it.

Not hurting them; killing them. It’s easier to back yourself down from killing than to amp yourself up from sport, or sparring, or whatever.

Additionally, basic principles apply, but I would expect thinking human beings to evaluate what ideas will work best for them.

I wouldn’t expect someone else to fight exactly like me. A Porsche and an F-150 have to obey the same principles to operate, but their capabilities are vastly different. Would you “train” them both identically?

Of course not. You must take in all ideas, and tailor them to your own unique, lovable self.

This also applies to shooting, where I find damn near all of the training to be bizarre and useless in an actual gunfight. I pretty much violate all their little rules. But, it works for me. Maybe the next guy likes something different, and it’s more comfortable for him.

Whatever will enable you to kill an evil predator, if need be, is all that matters.

I keep telling people to think big picture (killing) and then work backwards to specific techniques. Don’t learn a bunch of cute crap, and then lose your mind in a maze under pressure.

Killing efficiently. That’s the endgame. How you do it is up to you.

Think. For. Yourself.

Or, you’re probably going to be trained into a casket. Because, even if you’re actually being trained in a useful way, if you’re not CONSCIOUSLY evaluating it against reality, and making it your own, you’re not going to grasp the significance of it to its fullest extent.

Even with SDTS, some techniques you will naturally prefer over others. It’s not a formula; it’s the rough framing on your own individual house.

Seriously, maybe you just really dig small axes made from single pieces of steel, and wanna carry that around. And, if you know you’re going into a particularly dangerous environment, you can outfit yourself with weapons fitting that environment, that don’t appear to be weapons.

I love Home Depot. You talk about an arsenal. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a black belt to operate a chainsaw. Or the other 2.5 million weapons you could produce or procur from there. I’m a big fan of things that can be used as weapons, that aren’t specifically weapons.

I would never carry cute little hideaway knives, cuz if I got frisked that would be obvious. I consider my conscious creativity to be the real weapon.

Evil is similarly creative. It understands from the start that it has to operate black, and in the shadows, and beneath the radar. By its very nature, you won’t see it coming.

Unless…you first imagine it coming. It takes the imagination of a good detective to solve a clever crime. It takes the imagination of a clever crook to execute that crime.

Reality is first imagined. And, then manifested. Your real focus should be on imagining.

For example, my imagination has led me to realize that all these guys who teach about home defense and security are, at best, only helping you to maybe defend your home against basically your average home invader.

But, in my mind, I imagine the worst case scenario. Martial law. A chopper overhead. A drone over the chopper. Sniper coverage. A 4-8 man team coming in doors and windows. Armored personnel carriers. Body armor. Grenades. Gas. Heartbeat sensing technology. Etc, etc.

Now, if you can prep for that, then your average invader is going to enter a really freaky level of hell, if they make it in.

I think about trapping invaders. Decoy safes. Fall away floors. Collapsing staircases. All types of weird stuff that would be tough to find in a book or program.

Because I imagine weird ass stuff. Then I imagine the worst case scenario. Every countermeasure has failed. I’ve been captured or wounded. Guys are attaching electrical apparatus to various body parts. Whatever.

By doing this, I’m gaming it, and I’m also psychologically hardening myself. I don’t avoid worst case. I embrace it head on. Just thinking about it puts me in a real dangerous place. The place you want to be, if it comes to that.

I’ve always said that the most elegant, highest realization of security is prepared for the full compromise of itself. Because all preparations and systems can and will fail. There is no impregnable fortress. No fighter who can’t be beaten. No man who can’t be killed.

So, above all, imagine death. And embrace it. And turn fear itself into your “combat trigger.”

My point is just to maximize your individual consciousness as an awake, thinking human being. Your only weapon is your mind. Period. Everything happens in there.

Because you’re the good guy, you’re already operating from a position of moral strength and superiority. And, you can build upon that foundation to ensure that, if nothing else, you will be exponentially tougher and more vicious than any opponent. Because they won’t be attacking you if they’re not evil. No honorable person has any reason to assault me.

I may sound insane, but only because I understand that nature of evil, and I am prepared to laugh in its dark face, as its world collapses.

There is a devil. Now, just…imagine…that everything that is good and honorable and beautiful and decent – the devil wants to do the exact opposite. Consider the implications of that.

I guaran-frickin-tee you that there is no evil we could imagine that isn’t ALREADY being done right now, somewhere. If you can imagine it, it’s possible. Therefore, it’s a realistic option.

And, observing the world, it’s not going to get better before it gets far worse.

You should train for the most sadistic, evil, and well-trained, most technologically advanced opponent. If you’re mentally prepared for that…

The gang member in the alley will be a cockroach you merely step on and keep walking.

Imagine a team of special forces trained cartel members invading a quiet ranch, tying up the family members, and performing Satanic ritual executions in the most horrific manners. And, it can get even worse than that.

Do such people exist? Of course they do. Oh, and by the way – we have no southern border. The dangerous potential of the evil you may face is skyrocketing by the hour. Literally.

But then again, so is mine. And, so should yours. Keep THAT picture in your mind, whatever training you’re evaluating.