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Hello and hi. I am Suleiman. But you can call me Sl. Your posts and contributions are encouraging. Thank you all.
I have to specially thank Damian for the constant and persistent mails and reminders. I do appreciate it. (Really got som biz tips there, lol)
I have been reading the mails on and off, and then off for a long time. Since around 2 years ago up until now. I feel an immense joy.
I am not into martial arts that much. Only a taekwondo blue belt. And its been six years since i last trained. You could say i am just a beginner!

Fews years back i accidently fought with somebody, couldnt remember my taek skills in the fight. Then i began to realize that street fight is a whole new ball game. This aroused my curiosity to enquire about other martial arts, which taek skills are readily applicable on the street, began searching on the internet casually and occasionally. I somehow stumbled on SDTS.

Insight and common sense told me street fighting is different, or rather, i need to learn self defense. After watching some SDTS videos, i new this was the real deal (from my taek experience) and so i subscribed to the mails 2 yrs back. Here i am today.
Coming from Nigeria, the culture and environment is entirely different. But crime is the same everywhere. We see that a lot here: Theft, armed robbery, violent protests etc.
My passion is not really martial arts, but to learn to fight to defend myself. I am really passionate about this. Common sense says self defense skills is a must, but most people are negligent- until it is too late.

Damian, thank you again. This is invaluable and i feel i owe you my contributions!