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Young Wang


Not Damian, but I watched the spanish facebook video you posted and had these thoughts. Assuming one is aware of his surroundings:

1) If one were in a shady part of town, one should have been prepared with a weapon and be ready to use it. A 2 oz canister of pepper spray can be held in the hand without drawing much suspicion, whether you’re walking or standing on the street. This also assumes you don’t look like a criminal. Threat presents itself, you spray them in the eyes to at least take their vision. Now you choose to either run or fight depending on if he closes on you.

2) In the beginning, the gun is pointed at the ground. If you can hit hard, and hit first, you’ll probably be OK. If you’re not good at empty hand striking, than of course the odds are against you.

3) Even when this guy chose to WAIT, he still could have cleared the gun by twisting his body and using the forearm parry. Granted, the closer you let someone get to you without attacking first, the more factors such as size, speed, and strength will play a role.