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Brandon H

Thanks Josh,

I was fortunate enough that most of my time learning was with like minded instructors. Martial arts are for self defense, not sport, so even my TKD experience was relatively decent in comparison to what is widely taught today. For instance, we learned forms and what not, but it was very rarely done in class, more so just to give someone something to play around with outside of class. Inside of class we actually did proper striking and some minor throwing techniques.

With that being said, even the TKD I learned back then looks like it pales in comparison to the SDC system because it is governed by different organizational guidelines. The BJJ I learned back then was also a completely different animal than what it is today. In the real world, I have almost exclusively used Aikibujutsu and Hapkido and it seems to just shut people down right away.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to working with everyone!