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This is a slippery slope. At what point is one person held accountable for another persons actions? What if it wasn’t a gun but a knife? What about a hammer? Obviously a gun can cause more harm faster than a knife or gun, but that is why it’s a slippery slope. Germany has made it illegal to carry ANY knife, even one of those dinky Swiss Army knives, and has politicians screaming that a chef knife is too dangerous for anyone to have IN THEIR HOMES because they can be used as a weapon. In that kind of environment, anyone takes your kitchen knife and kills someone and YOU are also held accountable just for owning one…

However, as a parent it is your responsibility to watch over your children, that includes properly securing firearms. But, does that equal to involuntary manslaughter? Your underage kid is “borrowing your car” and hits someone because they were texting while driving. Are the parents now facing involuntary manslaughter charges too?

I have really mixed feelings on this.