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Garry Pickel

Hello everyone I am Garry just introducing myself here. I work and spend most of my time in the Brisbane City area with work and self defence activities in Australia. I was forced to be here some time ago due to divorce with my former wife taking the children and moving here.My residence is growing in the Eidsvold area which is rural country Queensland and I am beginning to set up classes there on my own property. I love the self defence company system and the access availability to it. I grew up with ex military personnel as family,army, navy and air force through the Australian defence force,was declared medically unfit due to a motor vehicle accident for 2 Commando Army in the military and later not able to join the Queensland police service.Odd thing is I pulled out of the Navy before my divorce due to my wife’s complaints which I would have got through, only to have a motor vehicle accident afterwards.I went through Army Cadets at school for two years. I have previous Airforce American born relatives which my relatives here left with during the second world war being part of the bomber crews which flew missions to defend Australia against the Japanese in the second world war and settled in the United States with, my father’s side of the family also has relatives in the United States from the Bronx, and California areas.
Due to growing up in a rural area and moving for work I did not get far but I have done Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Rhee Tae Kwon Do, boxing and Muay Thai,military hand to hand combat training through relatives,and besides the Self defence Company here I am currently a delta grade in Kinetic Fighting doing the civilian version of the Army Combative a Program. I am vehicle high jacking trained. And have been fire arms trained.
I can contribute survival and attack prevention thanks to the self defence company here as I have previously been a security guard, and currently stay on work related properties to prevent break ins, some of which I have calls to the police about as recent as last week with a property opposite being broken into. Being on site does not stop the theft or break in.
Since a boy I have been bashed and robbed, I remember bush hikes being shot at, people have tried to run me over in failed break ins and all I can say is the aware course and other teachings have been brilliant.This includes being followed with high theft shipments in vehicles which I have been able to use my learned skills to loose or avoid the people following me.( One case was approximately a four hour incident with off route turns to determine a possible high jacking)
Hopefully I will get better here and higher grades to be able to teach people around me to defence themselves and keep safe. Thank you.