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Hello, fellow killers. I actually came across this company as long time ago, and have been sporadically in and out through the years. I’ve always practiced violence, and that’s never stopped.

At this point, I’ve seen all the self defense “systems” out there – more or less – and they all at least provided a few inspirational ideas for me. All I need is an inspirational trigger, and then I take that way way beyond whatever the original idea was.

My interest was never learning self defense, or martial arts. Although I’ve unofficially studied them all. My interest was and is in purely increasing my efficiency. Not increasing my “moves.”

Violence is incredibly simple. The body is simple. The only thing that matters is targets. The ultimate target is always human consciousness. Whether psychological or physical. You attack both.

Efficiency allows maximum destruction in the shortest time possible. To as many people as necessary.

I was always inspired by Old Testament Bible killers. Probably not what the preachers were going for.. King David – himself one of the greatest badasses of all time – was surrounded by maybe the most elite group of killers of any king at any time. Back when leaders did their own killing along side their men, and didn’t just waste cannon fodder without at least joining the cannon fodder.

One of his most elite guys was named Adino. This guy killed 800 guys at one time. I’ve spent quite a long time contemplating the logistics of killing 800 evil fucks at one time. By yourself. There is no martial art or self defense system that would even begin to approach giving this outcome a chance of happening.

And this was back when these guys were essentially fighting superhuman crossbreeds of humans and fallen angels – which every old civilization seems to have stories of. So their killers were even MORE bad ass. Our special forces today are infants compared to these guys.

Just thinking about it now makes me want to start smashing stuff. Whether you believe in the Bible or not – one thing the Bible is great for is describing the horrific destiny of evil men. I love that shit.

And the only times God is ever mentioned laughing in the Bible – He’s ALWAYS laughing AT evil men. Therefore, so do I, with great glee. The constant message, repeated ad nauseum is “DO NOT FEAR! HAVE NO FEAR! FEAR NOT!” While God is laughing.. In other words, evil is a joke to the righteous.

They are a joke to me. I only train to become more efficient at ending them. Which means training myself to move as flexibly as possible. Five years from now, I intend to be capable of the physical feats of circus performers. But this requires a very tedious and systemic progression of training movements. Maximum physical freedom is the goal.

I’ve changed my approach to training many times. I never stop improving and adapting. But I keep getting in better shape than I ever was younger. I honestly think when I’m sixty I’ll be even stronger and faster than I am now. There IS a way to do this. But with weights and conventual training.

As an example, many years ago I literally relearned hope to walk and run correctly. Barefoot. I only wear barefoot style shoes with zero padding or drop in them. It takes time to adapt and strengthen the feet and ankles. It was incredible to me just how horrific modern footwear is for your body, and your feet. After the change I felt twice as fast. It was a stark difference.

And I realize also that military combat boots are perhaps the worst kind of footwear imaginable. And these guys are on their feet all the time. You’re a sitting duck wearing those things. These guys should be able to hike twenty miles literally barefoot, carrying 80 pounds or whatever they need to. But you’ve got to progressively adapt from years of walking on literal crutches.

The foot is easily one of the greatest engineering marvels of all time, and once you harness that design a whole other world of movement opens up. The arch is a spring. You’re not supposed to be landing on your heels and sending all that shock into your knees and hips. The design of the foot makes this clear.

But that’s just one of many changes I’ve made. Nothing that initially appears to have anything to do with violence.

Because violence is really just the END of a movement. It’s the very LAST part of a movement when a tool goes through a target. But 99% of the movement has NOTHING to do with the violence. It just facilitate the violence. Makes it easier and more efficient. That’s why the military develops faster and more powerful missiles. The concept of hitting a target never changes – just the effectiveness and efficiency of the tool hitting the target.

The goal of any weapon is always to be unstoppable and also unavoidable.

The simplicity of violence fuels my contempt for all the fancy sounding systems of violence, martial arts, and self defense. It’s so so so simple. The training isn’t in the fancy, but in making the fundamental unstoppable and unavoidable. You elevate the butting to such a level that it becomes art.

Running is boring. Unless it’s Barry Sanders doing the running. THAT’S what I’m going for. Does Barry Sanders have secret death touch running techniques that he learned in a Shaolin temple? No, he just what LITERALLY everyone else CAN do – but he does that simple basic shit even better. His training allowed him to improvise at will. But these improvisations were NOT “moves”. They were a natural flow of movement. His training gave him a wider field of possibility with respect to movement.

Also, when your body is used to improvising in training, it will also naturally improvise under pressure. You can make up stuff without thinking because everything IS just movement. There’s only targets – which never change. And then there’s movement, which can always improve.

The targets are simple and obvious. Training freedom of movement is everything. This means strength, flexibility, balance, agility, etc etc.

So the acrobatics you see in the movies IS actually quite useful. It’s just that in the movie the guys are always being unnecessarily acrobatic when much simpler movements are way more efficient. However, having that acrobatic ABILITY is still extremely useful because it means your body can do something really weird IF it needs to.

I like to drive behind semis because it’s relaxing, and helps me to avoid road rage. The amount of disrespectful – and dangerous – drivers is incredible. All driving large, heavy weapons. In times past, if I saw some clown cutting people off and frankly endangering them, I would consider it my duty to hunt them down – safely with respect to other drivers – and then see if I could put him into the side of a bridge or something. They would discover my vehicle drifting fetish, even tho I like to drive slow and relaxed, while everyone else is running around like panicked rabbits.

And the amount of times I’ve performed involuntary “traffic stops” of everything from cars to semi-trucks to giant buses is probably well over a hundred times at this point. To inform the drivers that “courtesy is not optional.” I actually did these fairly safely, but no one expects you to actually do it so they already think you’re nuts. However I was always completely calm while approaching and talking to them. After all, I’ve got My hazards on – I’m not committing a crime here. Just taking a stroll.

But this is another reason I got into the training of Violence. Because I realized a long time that I needed to figure out some way of discriminating between those truly worthy of my wrath, and those I should ignore and extend mercy to. Otherwise, I’d be an unguided missile. This part is frankly way harder than the actual violence.

But elevating Violence to its most extreme for me has also resulted in making me more disciplined and calm in its potential usage. Because it is absolutely NOT a sport to me, I realize it’s true potential and seriousness and this actually makes me a better human being. So one person will say I’m “The greatest human being ever” (not even joking – I still can’t comprehend being thought of that way) while another person will say that I’m some kind of demon. Obviously, I only want truly bad people to think a demon is coming for them. Not good people who occasionally behave like assholes.

So my mindset is in no way self defense. If a person becomes my target then their fate is written. But I absolutely didn’t like the idea of accidentally targeting the wrong people. It’s very important to me that my targets are truly worthy. Not just assholes. There is no asshole alive who deserves what I want to give them, even if I may be tempted.

Driving in traffic has been a truly invaluable training aid for me. Because the sheer volume of truly arrogant and dangerously disrespectful people who feel safe hiding in metal cages is hard to take at times. I remember once there was a massive convoy of muscle cars – it must have been like literally 50 of these fuckers – racing down the freeway at 90+ mph. And I’m barely holding myself together imagining how many of them I could take out of i just floored it into the middle of them and start pitting guys into each other. Of course the police were likely busy swat teaming some soccer mom for turning incorrectly.

In the past, I’ve even messed with actual police cars while driving. Some of these assholes need their badges shoved up their asses. I tend to get smarter and calmer the angrier I get tho, so I would pull these things off very smoothly and then vanish.

However, what an I really going to accomplish? That client will just abuse the next guy he pulls over cuz he’ll never find me. So my focus on pure violence has also made me more in tune with the big picture.

Which is adding good to the world. I’ve struggled with coming up with a way to guide my actions. My intent has always been good. I hate bullies, I love helping the weak. There’s nothing better than bullying a bully. However, everyone is human, and good people should receive mercy and not judgment.

Initially I controlled my anger by asking myself “What am I going to DO about it?” This switches me from an emotional state to a logical state. The planning state. In the logical state I would then often realize that the offense didn’t warrant a response. And I could still keep planning theoretically anyway, just as an exercise. So that was helpful, and that was progress.

But the problem was that an offense could still potentially appear so egregious that a response seemed entirely reasonable.

So now after “What am I going to DO about it?” I also ask “Will doing this ADD good to the world?” For example, killing a guy raping a kid clearly adds good to the world.

Whereas, messing with a bad cop may not add good to the world. If that guy is still going to continue being a bad cop, obviously. Just basically reducing his already low self esteem even further does not bode well for his future victims..

Which is another lesson I’ve learned. People will act better if you make them feel better – not worse. Which ever side you encourage and speak to is more likely to come out. Victims will only victimized even more.

This again highlights the necessity of elevating violence to a pure extreme. If a person is truly bad they need to be completely removed – not just made to feel even worse, which will only increase their potential for future victimization of others.

So this is why people generally only see one of two sides of me. Either I will be pathologically encouraging them and inspiring them where I can. Or I’ll be destroying them, if that’s what’s needed. Encouragement can include telling them hard truths about their behavior – but in a manner designed to make them realize their greater potential for goodness and greatness. Because just attacking them is guaranteed to make them feel worse. And if they feel worse they will also act worse.

So I’ve learned this important truth as well. Inspire the flawed, but destroy the damned.

Obviously I’ve put way more thought into violence than the average person. But I really had no choice given my natural all or nothing approach to everything.

The ultimate goal is to add good to the world. “Self defense” in that light is kind of weak. In that situation you actually have a DUTY to destroy the evil man. This is not about SELF. This is about GOOD!